Wilshire Law Firm Class Action against Uber

UBER Class Action Lawsuit

If you are a driver, who has worked or is working for Uber Technologies, Inc. (including UberPool, UberX, Uber Select, Uber Black and Uber SUV), or any of its subsidiary companies such as Rasier LLC., both nationally and/or internationally, you may be entitled to wages Uber has withheld from you; as well as to other compensation. Please contact Wilshire Law Firm immediately at: (888) 603-5582 or fill out our contact form and we will reply to you within 24 hours. Again, please call us today! This is a dedicated line, just for Uber drivers, who wish to make a claim regarding this class action lawsuit.

Uber Has Been Manipulating Your Earnings

Did you know that the “Upfront” pricing model did the following:

  1. Charged a higher price to passengers by determining the cost of a ride using a longer route then;
  2. Gave you, the drivers (workers), a shorter, quicker route and a lower price for the ride and;
  3. Kept the difference in the price for the transportation, for its own profits while;
  4. Charging drivers a percentage of the cost of the ride, which they, originally, said would be the payment for using their service.

Wilshire Law Firm is representing Uber drivers in a class action lawsuit filed against Uber, and its subsidiaries Rasier, LLC and Rasier-CA, LLC. Uber Technologies, Inc. and its subsidiaries have allegedly engaged in illegal actions to deprive drivers, their workers, of their earned wages; as well as, deliberately, hiding the fraudulent, manipulative scheme (deployed as upfront pricing) from its passengers and drivers, in order to boast their own profits.

Uber Technologies, Inc. has been defrauding and deceiving their drivers by implementing their upfront pricing model, which calculates the cost of the ride, before either party accepts. The model is a methodical scheme to notify drivers that their earnings are less than what they should be.

Wilshire Law Firm Is Taking on Uber on Your Behalf

Beyond being completely unethical and illegal, Uber’s actions have breached the drivers’ agreement with them, and more importantly, YOUR trust. The company owes drivers money for withheld wages and damages. Drivers could be entitled to compensation. Wilshire Law Firm is currently working, diligently, on behalf of Uber drivers to recoup their losses. A class action lawsuit has already been filed with the United States District Court. Call our office at (888) 603-5582, as soon as possible, to make your claim, anonymously. You won’t lose your job! You will be a part of the class action to claim what is rightfully yours.

official complaint alleged that Uber Technologies Inc. and its subsidiary companies such as Rasier, LLC. engaged in

The official complaint has alleged that Uber Technologies Inc. and its subsidiaries Rasier, LLC and Rasier-CA, LLC. engaged in:

  1. Breach of Contract;
  2. Unjust Enrichment/Restitution;
  3. Fraud by Concealment;
  4. Violation of The Lanham Act;
  5. Unfair Competition in Violation of Cal. Bus. Prof. Code § 17200 Et Seq.; and
  6. Independent Contractor Misclassification and Failure to Pay Wages

Contact Wilshire Law Firm Today to Claim YOUR Lost Earnings and to Obtain Compensation for Uber’s wrongdoings

We have asserted that Uber has, actively and purposely, implemented the upfront pricing model to manipulate route calculations and create a difference in what it charges passengers, versus what is delivered to the driver. Uber has kept your money with this scheme. You deserve to be represented in court to regain those lost wages, as well as other compensation. It will cost you you nothing to make your claim. Contact us immediately (888) 603-5582 to make Uber accountable and get the money, to which you are entitled.