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How Long Does a Bicycle Accident Settlement Take?

How Long Does a Bicycle Accident Settlement Take

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If you have sustained injuries in a bicycle accident and you want to claim compensation for those injuries, then there are a lot of things to consider. It is not easy to determine how long a bicycle accident settlement will take, as every accident is different. You need to take into account your unique circumstances in order to reach an estimate. An experienced bicycle accident attorney can help.

No matter how minor your personal injury is, a bicycle accident claim often takes a lot of time. In case of an accident, the best way to proceed is to consult with a bicycle accident attorney who specializes in cases like yours. Your attorney can give you an idea of how long it could take to get a bicycle accident claim settlement based on your situation.

A Time Line of Events for Your Claim

Unfortunately, accident injury claims almost always involve lengthy legal processes. The following list of events generally determines the total duration of your accident claim settlement.

How Long Your Medical Treatment Takes

After the accident, the first and most important step is getting medical treatment for your injuries. You have to consider the fact that once you settle your bicycle accident claim successfully, you cannot get any more money after that.

You will have to wait until you fully recover in order to avoid the possibility of developing a complication later. Once you have recovered and gathered complete medical evidence for your injury, you can proceed with your case settlement. It is best to wait until your injuries have completely healed.

Gathering Evidence and Medical Records

To understand your case fully and to have the best chance to get maximum settlement amount for your bicycle accident claim, you need to gather all the essential medical records and evidence that you possibly can. In many cases, the insurance companies are not willing to settle until they see substantial medical records.

Getting the medical records from the hospital often takes quite a lot of time. You will have to be patient and wait until you have complete evidence and medical data to support your case.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company Is a Lengthy Process

Once your bicycle accident attorney has gathered all the evidence and medical reports, and determined the amount you require to cover your medical bills, lost income or any other kind of pain or suffering you endured due to the accident, you can pursue compensation for all of your damages resulting from the accident.

Your lawyer will send all the evidence to the insurance company. The insurance company will review the evidence thoroughly, and may settle for the amount your lawyer demanded. However, sometimes the insurance company does not agree on the amount you demanded for settlement. They may argue based on several factors and demand that you lower the settlement amount. This often takes a lot of time and is a huge factor to consider in determining how long it would take to get a settlement for your bicycle accident case.


Every accident is unique; you cannot compare your incident with any other. Therefore, it is hard to get an exact estimate of the time it takes in order to settle your bicycle accident claim.

In case a settlement is not agreed upon between you and the defendant, you will have to face the trial in court where your bicycle accident case will be decided in front of a jury. The legal process of a trial does take a lot of time. However, it is not possible to estimate that time beforehand. To learn more, consult a bicycle accident attorney.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017