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Top 10 Most Bike-Friendly Cities

The World’s Top Biking Cities

Top 10 Most Bike-Friendly Cities

With the call of environmentalists, many countries are now advocate biking as an alternative to cars to help reduce their carbon footprint. However, not all states have created the same level of support for cyclists. Thus, there are still a lot of crashes, as bicycle accident lawyers will tell you. Every year, around 400,000 medical emergencies relating to cycling are reported, and more than 900 cyclists die in a fatal crash. Despite these figures, it is still good to know that there are many bike-friendly cities around the world, as elaborated below.



This is the first American city to make it in the world’s best bike-friendly cities. As Minnesota’s largest city, it has 120 miles of bikeways and 90 miles of off-street lanes reserved for cyclists. This city is ideal for cyclists who commute daily to work. A bike sharing system is also in place. Along the road, gardens are growing along bike lanes to augment further its efforts in reducing its carbon footprint.


This city in Oregon is a platinum-tier biking city with a population greater than a half million people. It has 315 miles of bikeways which are spread throughout both low-traffic and high-density areas. Cyclists account for 7% of commuters in the city, which is the largest in the country. The city has a bike sharing program that houses 1,000 bikes.


The state of Arizona boasts of the best road biking in the world. The streets are wide and offer a lot of sightseeing opportunities. Cyclists from around the world visit annually and prefer to bike in Oro Valley where they can see the magnificence of the desert, rain or shine. It has 800 miles of bike paths and these connect to what is called Tucson Loop, a combined 100 miles of bike paths and lanes.


What makes this one of the best cities for biking is the river walk. It is an eight-mile paved infrastructure for all bike types. As you pass, you can check out great sights such as the Ohio River. Going straight, you will find yourself in downtown Louisville, where several bicycling organizations gather for annual ride events.

Washington, D.C.

The city has bike trails that allow you to tour the city in safety. Also, the city has bike lanes connected to Montgomery County and Fairfax County. It has off street trails reserved for bikes and on-street lanes that do not get bothered with cars. An organization, DC Bike Ride, hosts an annual 17-mile ride that allows cyclists to meet and enjoy the scenery together until they reach the finish line on Pennsylvania Avenue.



This Dutch city is a world leader in cyclist support, especially in small urban areas. The city is building the world’s largest bike parking facility, which can accommodate 12,500 bikes. However, Utrecht must also consider solving its parking problem for bikes in nearby areas. The parking facility can only help cyclists whose offices are close enough, but other parts of the city do not have adequate parking spaces for bikes.


Amsterdam is one of the world’s role models when it comes to supporting urban biking. The city officials advocate cycling. They encourage citizens to use their bicycles instead of cars. The next step to this is for Amsterdam to create more biking infrastructure such as parking and bike sharing systems. Though the government is supportive of cycling, there are still a lot of roads shared between car drivers and cyclists, and can be dangerous to cyclists.


In Belgium, Antwerp is the best city for cyclists. All ages embrace cycling as a mode of transportation. The city built a sufficient number of parking sites, including sites in train stations. Cyclists can park and ride the train to work, then ride their bike once again to on their way home. The city also has provision for dedicated bike lanes.


Montreal has had bike lanes since the 1980s. There is a bike sharing system in place. It has maintained its spot as one of the best cities that support biking. Biking lanes stretch for many kilometers throughout the city, giving cyclists access to major infrastructures.


As Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö is popular for its parking facilities for bikes. The city promotes helmet and protection. In 2013, the city built its first parking facility for bikes along a train station to increase cycling level.

Cycling is a fundamental solution to reducing consumption of fossil fuel. More city governments must start thinking about the future and build more bike-friendly infrastructure to encourage this activity that is healthy for both us and the planet. The current issue today is that government officials do not allocate enough budget for biking infrastructure. This lack of dedicated bike lanes forces cyclists to use the main road. Bicycle accident lawyers often have to deal with accidents because many motorists do not drive cautiously around cyclists.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017