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How to Win a Bus Accident Claim

How to Win a Bus Accident Claim

The First Step Is to Consult an Experienced Bus Accident Lawyer

If you get injured in a bus accident due to the fault of the driver and/or his company, then you have a valid bus accident claim. For you to help your bus accident lawyer win your claim, gather as much information as you can – that information could act as evidence. Such information includes driver’s details, the registration number of the bus, photographs, witness information, and so on. In short, gather any information that will assist your lawyers in establishing who is at fault.

Additionally, seek out medical attention and keep the receipts for any medical expenses incurred. The next step should be to contact a law firm to get your bus accident claim started. Various study reveal that about 7 out of 10 people never make compensation claims after a bus accident which was absolutely not their mistake; please do not be one of them.

Who to claim against

The fact that you were a passenger in the bus automatically makes you an innocent party. The bus driver might also not be in the wrong. Who the claim should be made against depends on the conditions that led to the accident.

  • In case the bus driver was at fault for the bus accident, perhaps as a result of careless driving like braking very hard or driving very fast around corners, then the claim should be filed against the bus company. Additionally, the bus company is responsible for any injuries which occur when boarding or getting off the bus, if it was the driver’s negligence that caused the accident. For instance, if the bus driver opened the door of the bus before the bus had completely stopped or closed it before you completely got off the bus.
  • In case the accident was a result of a dangerous or a poorly maintained road, then the bus accident claim should be filed against the local authorities accountable for road design and maintenance.
  • In case the driver of another vehicle is responsible for the accident, then your claim should be filed against them.

Claiming as a passenger in the bus

One distinctive factor of bus accidents is that there are numerous other passengers in that bus who could act as a witness if you decide to go ahead and place a bus accident claim.

The other distinctive factor is that the driver and the bus company are most likely going to be completely insured against most possibilities in the event that an accident occurs. Therefore, for you to actually file a successful claim, it is very important that you seek professional assistance from an experienced bus accident lawyer.

Claiming as another road user

It is also possible for you to claim compensation against the bus accident in case you got injured in the bus accident either as a pedestrian or as someone who was waiting in a bus station or bus shelter.

It is not only the people in the bus or pedestrians that get injured in case of an accident. If you were driving and a bus collided with your car, then you can also file a claim in case you suffer any injuries from the collision.

In both scenarios, it is very important for you to get witness contact details and as many photographs as you can from the scene of the accident. Additionally, write down as many details as you can remember what happened before and after the bus accident. These details will help your bus accident lawyer develop a stronger case for your claim against the bus company.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017