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How Long Does a Bus Accident Settlement Take?

How Long Does a Bus Accident Settlement Take?

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Buses are very large vehicles and are capable of causing serious harm in case of involvement in an accident. Just like truck accidents, bus accidents are very different from normal car crashes because buses far outweigh the vehicles that they might end up colliding with. Additionally, given that buses frequently carry a lot of passengers, the likelihood of several people getting injured in bus accidents is quite high.

You might have been involved in a bus accident, or a bus might have rear-ended you, or a bus might have hit you while cycling, or you have suffered injuries from a bus accident that was completely not your fault. If you have experienced any of this, you are entitled to compensation and you should consider contacting skilled bus accident lawyers to stand by you in the process.

So, how long does a bus settlement take?

Unfortunately, this question does not have a specific answer. Every bus accident is different and getting a fair settlement from the insurance company of the driver at fault is a process that could take weeks, months, or in some extreme cases, even years.

There are three phases that affect the length of your settlement: medical, negotiation, and litigation.

Medical phase: In this phase, bus accident lawyers will wait for the doctor, or any other medical expert to complete medical treatment on you, or determine that you have reached maximum medical improvement, before asking for any amount of money from the driver’s at-fault insurance company. Healing completely from injuries is something that can take days, weeks or even months.

After your release from medical care, your bus accident lawyers will then start preparing a settlement to present to the insurance company. Some of the things taken into consideration include medical bills, lost wages, degree of injuries, and property damage. Simply put, the medical phase entails collecting such factors and then compiling them to let the insurance company know how much of a settlement you are anticipating.

Negotiation phase: After submission of the settlement proposal to the insurance company, it generally takes about one to two months for them to respond to the proposal. They conduct their own investigations during this time and then come up with their own settlement figure. The two figures are always never close, which is exactly why intense negotiations happen in this phase. The insurance company wants to pay the least possible amount whereas bus accident lawyers fight for the highest possible amount. Depending on the intricacy of the case, this phase can last for days to weeks or possibly even months.

If the insurance company offers a settlement amount which is sensible to you and your attorneys then negotiations end here. However, there are times when the negotiations are unsuccessful and a settlement amount is not reached. If this happens, things proceed to the next phase.

Litigation phase: Litigation is the next thing that happens if the negotiations are unsuccessful and your bus accident lawyers agree that the best alternative is to proceed with a trial. This does not essentially mean that the lawsuit will go to trial since there are still a lot of options available. Litigation is not something that is advised by most bus accident lawyers. However, if the insurance company is not willing to fully and justly compensate the victim for the emotional, financial, and physical pain caused, then this is the only option left. This means that it will even take longer to get settled.

It is these three phases involved in settlement procedures that make it difficult to provide an exact time as to how long the bus accident claim will take. However, with the help of good bus accident lawyers, some of the phases above can be sped up, leaving you fully and justly compensated in no time!

Last Updated: 03-24-2017