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How to Survive a Long-Distance Bus Trip

How to Survive a Long-Distance Bus Trip

Bus Accident Attorney Shares Travel Tips

Taking a long-distance bus can be a great idea for many reasons. To start with, it will save you money because flying is much more expensive. Then, you can relax and sleep as you do not have to drive yourself and drink obscene amounts of coffee and energy drinks just to stay awake. If you travel overnight, it can also save you money that you would otherwise spend on a hotel. However, a long-distance bus trip can be challenging. If you have never done it before and go unprepared, you may find it not only uncomfortable, but even dangerous.

Here are some tips to make your long-distance bus trip easier and safer.

Check the route

You can find many articles and statistics online about which bus routes are safe and which are not. You can also consult local trip advisor sources to make sure the bus route you want is not one where robberies and accidents are common. While it is true that accidents can happen anywhere, there are certain routes that are more susceptible to accidents than others. You should avoid these routes if you can.

Check the bus company

Again, find statistical data about the number of accidents each bus company in the USA has. Do not look at the total number because different companies have different number of buses. Find the percentage of accidents per bus.

Choose a first-class bus

While you can try to save money and buy a cheap ticket for a cheap bus, it is not particularly a good idea. First of all, the bus will probably not be comfortable: not enough leg space, windows that either don’t open or don’t close, etc. Moreover, a cheap bus may be not safe overall. Check if it is maintained properly. For example, are the tires bald? A more expensive bus will also have two drivers taking turns. It is crucial because long-distance driving can be exhausting, even for experienced drivers.

Carefully choose the seat

There are a number of things to consider when you choose the seat. It is a long-distance trip, so if you make a bad choice, it may spoil your whole bus ride.

First of all, you have to choose between a window and an aisle seat. There are pros and cons either way. If you sit near the window, it is more comfortable to sleep and to make a makeshift pillow. But if you do not want to bother the person you are sitting next to every time you need to get up, an aisle seat is better. This seat also gives you more space and a way to stretch out your legs.

Another choice you face is who to sit next to: a man or a woman? The answer here depends on you. Sit by the person you feel comfortable with. And do not sit near someone suspicious. Of course, if the seats are assigned, then you do not have much in the way of choice, unfortunately.

The next thing to choose is front, back or middle? Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all of them. Front and back seats are more dangerous, according to statistics. Choose the middle if you are afraid of accidents. The back tends to be bumpier, while the front is more vulnerable in front end collisions.

Hide your valuables

Accidents aren’t your only threat on a bus, but you also have to watch out for thieves. To avoid being the victim of a theft crime, hide your money and other valuables. It is better to keep credit cards and money separate but near you. Do not leave your purse, iPod or other valuable item laying out in the open. It will attract unnecessary attention.

Consult with a trusted bus accident attorney

Even if you do not need one now, it is better to have the contact information of an experienced bus accident attorney just in case. You can rely on Wilshire Law Firm in times of crisis. Give us a call at 1-800-52-CRASH for a free consultation.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017