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Is Your Child Safe Riding the Public School Bus?

Is Your Child Safe Riding the Public School Bus

Concerned Bus Accident Lawyer Explores This Question

When you are in a car with your children, you can make sure they are buckled up and safe. But what can you do when they ride that big yellow school bus every morning? Most of those buses do not have seat belts. Are they even safe?

According to School Transportation News, 23.5 million children a year ride a school bus to and from school every day. The school bus system could be called the largest public transport system in the US. And like with any kind of transportation, accidents happen.

Bus school injuries

Unfortunately, school bus accidents are the worst because the victims are kids.

About 17,000 children require hospital treatment in the emergency rooms each year because of bus accident injuries. Keep in mind that not all bus-related injuries necessarily result from crashes. Children can be injured not only riding a bus, but also getting on or off it and even just standing near the bus. Still, according to the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice (CIPP), more than 40 percent of all school bus injuries are the result of road accidents.

However, this doesn’t mean you should ban your child from ever taking the school bus. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that most of the injuries resulting from bus accidents include minor sprains, strains, scrapes or bruises. So, your child is less likely to get a serious injury on a bus than other kinds of vehicles.

Injuries connected with a school bus

Safety off and around the bus is even more important than safety in an accident. First off, there’s not much you can do in the middle of a crash except brace yourself. Second, according to the CIPP report, about 24 percent of all school bus injuries are incurred while the child is getting on or off the bus. As long as you can teach your child embarking and disembarking safety, your child will be much safer riding a public school bus. Just think about these statistics from the School Transportation News: only 7 school children die in bus crashes every year, while 19 kids die while getting on or off the bus.

Most of those children who die around the bus are ages 5-7. There is a ten feet area in front of the bus, ten feet behind it, and ten feet to both sides that is called “the danger zone”. When children are in that zone, they are either hit by the bus itself or by another passing vehicle. This is one of many reasons why it is not legal to pass a school bus when its red lights are flashing.

Reports say that 38 percent of all fatal accidents happen between 3 and 4 p.m. The mornings are relatively safe.

To protect children from pedestrian accidents with school bus, many bus companies have added a mechanical arm to the bus. It forces your child to stay at a safe distance from the bus. There is another measure that is supposed to prevent such accidents. Some school districts mount a camera on their school buses in order to record those motorists who do not stop passing a school bus.

If an accident has already happened

While school buses are relatively safe compared to other kinds of buses or even cars, they are still vehicles. So, collisions are inevitable, as long as people still make errors. If your child has become a victim of a bus crash, you need an experienced bus accident lawyer to protect your child’s rights. He will take care of all the legal problems and ensure you full and fair compensation for medical bills and other damages. Call Wilshire Law Firm at 1-800-52-CRASH and get the best bus accident lawyer in California.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017