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Keeping Your Child Safe at the Bus Stop

Safety Advice Provided by Qualified Bus Accident Lawyers

About 23 million children each year take a bus to and from school every day. While most kids love riding a school bus and it makes life much easier for the parents, it also creates the risk of accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), getting on and off the school bus is even more dangerous than even riding it. That is why it is so important to keep your child safe at the bus stop.

Riding a school bus is actually much safer than riding other kinds of vehicles. According to data from the National School Transportation Association, children are 23 times safer when they ride a school bus than when they travel in a car with their families. And a bus is 58 times safer than a car driven by a teenager. The reason for this lies in the structural qualities of the school bus. It is specially designed to distribute impact force throughout a large body, which means less force being exerted on bodies inside. This makes busses safe, even without seat belts. However, when kids are not in the bus but waiting at the bus stop, there is nothing to protect them from both the bus itself and from passing vehicles.

Why bus stops are dangerous

Motorists are prohibited by law to pass a school bus with its red lights (which indicate that the bus is picking up or dropping off children). There are other signs for following drivers that they must stop, such as the stop sign that extends on the left side of the bus and the crossing arm on the right next to the front bumper. Unfortunately, some drivers break the law, which can result in child pedestrian injuries and even fatalities.

Another reason why bus stops are so dangerous for school kids is the children’s behavior. Children being children, they tend to act in reckless ways. They are over excited having fun with their friends and run around forgetting about safety. If your child is very young, you should wait with them at the bus stop if you can. An older sibling can also supervise.

In any case, it is crucial to talk to your kids and make sure they are safe when they use the school bus.

Tips to keep your children safe

Here are some simple but very important and effective tips for you to keep your child safe at the bus stop:

  • Leave the house beforehand. Make sure your child goes out and waits for the bus outside. If he races in a hurry to catch it, he will not be careful and it will create unnecessary danger. It is best to arrive at the bus stop about five minutes before the pick-up time.
  • Be prepared to board. Instruct your kids to not play and run around too close to the curb. They should be at least three giant steps from the road in order to be safe. When the bus arrives, they should wait until it stops completely and the driver opens the door before boarding. Children should hold onto the handrail and be careful as backpack straps, hoodie strings, or scarves could tangle in the door hinges and cause the child to fall.
  • Cross the street carefully. Remind children to cross the streets with caution. The child has to understand why he needs to walk in front of the bus and not behind it. Kids should also make eye contact to warn the driver they are crossing and watch out for moving vehicles.
  • Watch for the wheels. If your child drops something and it rolls under the bus, he must not try to get it himself. The driver may not be able to see the kid and roll over him or her.

Top Bus Accident Lawyers in California

Unfortunately, too many families require bus accident lawyers because their kids get injuries connected with school buses. If you are in need of one, contact the experienced bus accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm and let us fight on your child’s behalf.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017