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Could Hackers Crash My Car?

Could Hackers Crash My Car

It Is Possible Says Knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyer

If your vehicle is a newer model with lots of digital systems and wireless communication, then it is possible for a hacker to hack your car. But the situation is a bit more complex than that. As more and more car systems are integrated with wireless communication systems, the possibility of having your car hacked is increasingly growing.

The heated debate on this possibility of a car being hacked was brought into the limelight by an experiment carried out by WIRED and two tech researchers: Miller and Valasek. The tech wizards were able to access a Jeep’s system, cut its transmission, and stop it in the middle of the highway – and there was absolutely nothing that the driver could do!

This experiment showed one of the many ways that hackers could access a car’s system and possibly expose the driver and passengers to great harm.

Other ways that hackers could expose a driver to great risk include disabling brakes, take over smart steering or even shutting down the engine in the middle of the highway. But are all these things possible? Is it as easy to hack a car as it sounds? And if hackers take over one of your car’s systems and cause it to crash, can your car accident lawyer sue the auto manufacturer for not protecting the car’s systems adequately? Who else is liable in such a scenario?

These questions do not have clear answers as of yet because no case involving a car crashed by hackers has yet been reported. Still, do not be discouraged and afraid to contact a car accident lawyer in case it does happen to you. Many lawyers like to take on the challenge of handling cases with unprecedented circumstances.

According to WIRED, the latest models of Fiat Chrysler, Ford, and Q50 sedans are some of the vehicles that the hackers said had a high rate of “hackability”. However, no case has yet been reported of a hacker taking control of someone else’s car. Researchers are trying to expose the possibilities for this and some of them have succeeded after years of studying vehicles and their systems, but no hacker has been able to do it so far. This is because of one thing; it is an extremely difficult task to successfully hack a vehicle. Manufacturers of smart cars know that vehicles can possibly be hacked and many of them have already taken appropriate measures to make such hacks extremely improbable, if not impossible.

Also, it should be worth noting that not that many vehicles on our roads have built-in internet connections. Even though more and more manufacturers are building smart cars, the number of such cars on our roads is still small. By showing the potential dangers of smart cars, these researchers are showing manufacturers the potential flaws in their systems. It is my thinking that the car manufacturers themselves are aware of the possibility of their systems being hacked and thus before releasing their cars to the market, they tweak their physical and software designs to make them impossible to hack.

Smart cars are not the only things that can be hacked. As more and more everyday objects such as door locks, cameras, watches, drones, and homes are becoming digitalized, it is important for all manufacturers to start thinking more seriously of the possibilities of their systems getting hacked. In the case of automobile manufacturers, one of the suggestions being floated around is to keep internet connections and car system controls completely separate. If this is adopted as an industry standard, it will definitely go a long way in making smart cars less hackable.

If you have been in a car accident caused by car system failure or defect, call us now and we will assign a car accident lawyer to assist you in any way he or she legally can.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017