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Dangerous Freeways in California







  • Dangerous Freeways in California

    Notorious Roads for Car Accidents

    The state of California is known for several things – incredible beaches, celebrities, and its wonderful weather just to list a few. Unfortunately, it is also well-known for bad drivers, huge traffic jams, and dangerous highways and freeways. Four major highways in California were actually listed among the top 20 most dangerous roads in the nation.

    This shows just how bad the situation is on some of our roads. If you or someone you love gets involved in a car accident on any of these dangerous roads, you should immediately contact a car accident lawyer to get legal assistance. This article shall discuss two of the most dangerous roads in California based on the frequency of car accidents. They are Interstate 5 (1-5) and Interstate 10 (1-10). These two highways are specifically prone to serious car accidents because of massive traffic and other factors.

    Interstate 5 (I-5)

    This is the main north-to-south route of the Interstate Highway System. The I-5 starts from the US-Mexico border and shoots straight up to Oregon. Some of the main cities that are connected by this highway include Los Angeles, Redding, Sacramento, San Diego, and Stockton. It is one of the most dangerous roads in Los Angeles based on the frequency of the fatal car accidents that occur there.

    Interstate 10 (I-10)

    This major east-west Interstate Highway connects main cities in California to the border of Arizona. Interstate 10 passes through major cities such as Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Santa Monica.

    Just like the I-5, Interstate 10 is among the most dangerous roads in California because of the huge traffic volume on the highway that result in quite a number of fatal car accidents. In fact, the high frequency of car accidents on the highway has led to the construction of special Accident Investigation Sites by the California Department of Transport to get to the bottom of accident causes.

    Causes of car accidents on the I-5 and I-10

    Apart from the high traffic volume on these two highways, there are other factors which make car accidents a common occurrence on these roads. They include:

    Driving under the influence of alcohol: Drivers operating their cars under the influence of alcohol are a danger on the road. A significant number of car accidents on these two highways result from drunk driving. If you suffer an accident because of drunk driving, contact a car accident lawyer to get advice on the best compensation options for your particular case.

    Distracted driving: Texting drivers are another danger on the road. A lot of drivers involved in car accidents along I-5 and I-10 were found to have been using handheld electronic gadgets while behind the wheel. Never text and drive if you want to arrive at your destination without incident.

    Driver fatigue: Many of the reported car accidents on the I-5 and I-10 are linked to sleepy or fatigued drivers. Drivers that are heading for long trips ought to get enough sleep or rest before embarking on their journeys.

    Interstate 5 and Interstate 10 are just two of the most dangerous roads in California. There are several other dangerous roads in the state, such as Highway 70, Highway 299, and Highway 49, that all road users ought to be very careful when using.

    Remember, if or your loved one gets involved in a car accident on any road in California, make sure to contact a California car accident lawyer who will help you in suing for the personal injury damages you have suffered.

    Last Updated: 03-24-2017

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