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How to Prevent a Rear-End Collision When Driving in the Rain








How to Prevent a Rear-End Collision When Driving in the Rain

Avoiding rear end collisions in Rainy Conditions

The state of California is well known for its sunshine. Its rainy weather is also another thing that it’s well known for! As all car accident lawyers know, rainfall makes the roads wet and this, in turn, increases your chances of getting involved in an accident. This is a result of the reduced visibility and the added slipperiness of the road when they get wet. Additionally, hydroplaning becomes a problem when the rains are heavy; a very common happening in California.

Wet pavements make normal driving exercises to be more challenging. This is the reason why drivers ought to adjust their driving according to the weather as well as other factors in their driving environment, for instance, traffic patterns. Most of the car accidents that take place during rainy weather are actually as a result of the drivers failing to adjust to the present conditions.

Rear-end collisions are very common in rainy weather. One of the things that you can do to prevent such collisions is to reduce your driving speed (drive slowly), take turns more slowly, and give your fellow drivers enough following distance. Additionally, always make use of your headlights whenever you have your wipers on. Other things that you can do to minimize your chances of getting involved in rear-end collisions when driving in the rain include: routine tire replacement and windshield wiper blades replacement. Old tires with worn out treads cannot effectively grip the road, hence putting those driving at higher risk of sliding on the wet pavement. A clear windshield will increase visibility and make driving in the rain safer.

A lot of us do not know when to replace their car tires. One of the best ways of knowing this is the penny test. Simply position a penny upside down between the tread at different spots locations on your tire. If you see Lincoln’s entire head at any point, then your tires are worn down and it is time for you to replace them.

AAA Exchange talks about how one can handle a skid in order to minimize their chance of getting injured in a road accident. In case you feel that your vehicle is starting to skid, look and steer it in the direction that you want it to go. Do not make impulsive moves such as hitting the brakes. What you instead ought to do is to steer your car until it slows down to a stop.
Presumption of fault in rear-end collisions

You may have been told that in if a rear-end collision occurs; it is always the mistake of the driver whose vehicle collided with the vehicle in front. Any good car accident lawyer will tell you this is incorrect. Even though the driver of the car at the back is normally in the wrong for causing a rear-end collision, he/she is capable of overcoming this presumption of fault in certain occasions. This is where car accident lawyers come in. At times, the driver of the car at the front could be the one responsible for the accident may be due to loss of control of their car or other factors like distracted driving, which caused them to suddenly stop or make an unreasonable move.

Establishing which driver is on the wrong calls for some investigation on the collision. The investigation entails the review of every piece of evidence that is available, for instance, video footage of the accident or photographs of the accident, and even testimonies from witnesses.

In case you are suffering from any kind of injury suffered from a weather-related car accident, such as a rear-end collision during the rainy weather, you might find yourself facing steep financial instability and medical bills as a result of your inability to continue working as you recover. The good news is that you could have these expenses together with others linked to your injury all covered via a personal injury claim. Car accident lawyers will handle everything for you; this is their job. Simply contact any of them to get started.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017

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