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Snapchatting While Driving Is Dangerous








Teen ‘using Snapchat while driving – Is it Dangerous?

Snapchatting While Driving Is Dangerous

SnapChat is one of the latest and one of the most popular mobile application among young people. The app has changed the way many people communicate. You no longer have to rely on lengthy texts to send a message. With Snapchat, you simply snap a pic or shoot a short video clip and send it to your contacts.

However, more and more media reports are revealing situations where individuals have caused accidents Snapchatting while driving. Millions of drivers have caused accidents or been involved in accidents just because they were using Snapchat or operating other electronic devices while driving. Don’t be a part of the statistics. See the reasons why it is risky to Snapchat and drive and how to avoid the risk.

Here is why Snapchatting while driving is dangerous

Driving a car takes a lot of mental concentration and energy. You have to keep your eyes on the road and be constantly aware of your surroundings. Snapchatting while driving will distract you visually, physically and cognitively from the task at hand (operating the vehicle) and increase your likelihood of causing an accident.

  • Visually – you will have to take your eyes off the road to operate your phone
  • Physically – you will have to free your hand from the steering wheel to operate your phone
  • Cognitively – operating your smartphone requires mental energy (entering passwords, finding the app and taking and sending photos)

Furthermore, one of the filters on SnapChat allows users to record and share the speed at which they are traveling when they snapped the pic. It is easy to see how this might encourage a driver to snap a photo and show off the speed at which he or she is driving his or her new car.

Other reasons why it is dangerous to Snapchat while driving

You could cause an accident

While you are busy Snapchatting photos and video clips to your friends, you could end up ramming into a stalled car or causing any other kind of accident. These accidents could result in serious injuries to you or other road users. Even if you hire car accident attorneys, such injuries could take a lot of time to heal. They could also cost you a lot of money in lost wages, hospital bills, and other related expenses.

You could end up having criminal record

If you are arrested and successfully prosecuted for a criminal offense you caused using SnapChat while driving, you will end up having a criminal record. A criminal record could affect your career prospects and even make it hard for you to get a job in the first place. It will also likely determine whether a landlord will let you into his or her house.

Protect yourself

Now that you know the dangers of Snapchatting while driving, here is how to stay safe as a driver. First, don’t Snapchat while driving. It is wrong and as you have seen it can get you into trouble with the law. Second, you never know what another driver or road user might do on the road. This is why many road safety campaigns call on drivers to be alert. The other driver might be Snapchatting and by being alert and prepared you can avoid an accident. However, if you end up in a car accident caused by a driver who was Snapchatting while driving, we have quite a number of car accident attorneys who will file a lawsuit on your behalf and aggressively defend your interests before a court of law or while negotiating compensation with insurance firms.

As you can see there is a need for all drivers to be alert while on the road. Driving by itself is a risky proposition, why make it riskier by Snapchatting while you are on it?

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