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What to Do If You're Trapped Inside Your Car After an Accident?

What to Do If You’re Trapped Inside Your Car After an Accident?

What to Do If You're Trapped Inside Your Car After an Accident

If you have ever been in any accident, then you know how scary it is. But there is something even worse – being trapped inside your car after an accident. Not knowing whether you are seriously hurt, or if the oil is leaking or whether the car could explode in any minute (though this is very unlikely) could make you very anxious and panicky! In this article, we will show you tips on what to do in such a situation and how to get yourself out of that situation quickly.

Step One – Do not panic

This might sound obvious, but you will be surprised at how much easier the situation would be if you just stayed calm! Panicking might make you hysterical or could make you make do things without thinking them through. Don’t think about who is at fault, lost wages, the cost of getting your car repaired or things like that. Your car accident lawyers will think about that for you. All you have to do in such a situation is to keep calm and . . .

Step Two – Call emergency services

The emergency services have the tools and technology to extract you from the vehicle and to sustain your life in case of any complications. If you can’t do it yourself, signal someone else to do it for you.

Step Three – Roll down your car windows

Most car windows nowadays are electric and they will quickly shut down or give out in major accidents. Therefore, you should try to roll down the windows as quickly as possible to provide yourself with an escape route in case the doors are jammed.

Step Four – Try removing the safety belts

Try removing the safety belts. Remember this might be a bit difficult if you are upside down. Still, you can try to push yourself against the seat to release the pressure on the safety belts and try to unbuckle them. If it is still difficult, try reaching for your glove box to retrieve anything sharp to cut the seat belt. While you are trying to cut the belt, try holding on to something to prevent head injuries in case you are upside down. Don’t get frustrated while cutting as this will only slow you down.

Important: Always carry an emergency escape tool that can cut seatbelts and break the windows if need be. You can easily find one online on Amazon!

Step Five – Try opening the door

This might sound obvious but it must be said. Don’t just try the driver’s door (assuming you are the driver), try all your car doors. Some might be jammed whereas others might open easily.

SUPER TIP: Most people don’t know this but it is quite easy to exit your car using the car boot. This might be slightly more difficult than the door option, but if for some reason your doors are blocked, you can try exiting through the boot of your car.

Step six – If ALL else fails, break a window

What else should you do?

There are a couple of things you should also have in mind now that you are reading about what to do if you are trapped in your car. You should always carry a car emergency preparedness kit. It should include a first aid kit, a cellphone, road cones, a safety blanket, and a safety belt cutter/window breaker. You never know where and when an accident might occur and how long you might have to wait for help.

Upon exiting your car, you should exchange insurance information with the other driver if it was an accident. You should not admit to liability! Call your car accident lawyers and let them sort it out. They will also work with your insurance company to make sure you get compensated for all accident related damages.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017