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Should You Always Use Your High Beams on a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle with high-beams always on

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, whether it is your preferred method of transportation or leisure activity. There are many benefits of riding motorcycles instead of cars, such as cheaper insurance premiums and reduced gas costs.

However, the motorcycle is considered a comparatively less safe vehicle. It is important to follow certain safety measures when riding a motorcycle. One of the most important motorcycle safety tips is to make sure that you are visible to other traffic on the road.

Whether you have to wear reflective clothing, use your horn, or practice smart lane positioning, making sure other drivers can see you is the best way to stay safe on the road when riding a motorcycle.

Using your high beams on motorcycle is another way you can make sure you are visible on the road. The question is whether you should always use your high beams on a motorcycle in order to stay visible or not. Many riders believe that leaving your high beams on always helps in staying safe on the road. However, this is may be not entirely true. This article will help you decide whether you should always use your high beam on a motorcycle.

Why Is It Important to Be Seen When Riding a Motorcycle

The majority of traffic comprises of cars and trucks, while motorcycles are often in minority. Car and truck drivers are in the habit of looking out for only other trucks and cars. Many times, motorcyclists are just not on their radar. This is why being visible is critical for a motorcycle rider.

Being visible to automobile drivers lessens the chance of a collision. Ask any motorcycle accident lawyer what he or she usually hears from drivers who hit motorcyclists, and they’ll most likely say that drivers all too often use the excuse, “I didn’t see them.” Now you can see why visibility is paramount to your safety as a rider.

Reasons Why You Should Not Use High Beams on Motorcycle All the Time

If you have ever experienced a car approaching with high beams on, the effect can be blinding, whether it’s day or night. High beams prevent you from seeing the vehicle’s turn signals, or how far away it is from you. You just see those blinding high beams.

If you always keep high beams on motorcycle on, you will achieve your main objective of being seen, but drivers won’t be able to make out crucial details, such as your intended direction and your distance. Feel free to use your high beams in appropriate scenarios, but you are definitely not making yourself and others safer by keeping your high beams on all the time. It just gives you a false sense of security.

Benefits of Using High Beam on Motorcycles

Although it is not the best idea to always use your high beams when riding a motorcycle, high beams still have many other benefits. Most magazines and motorcycle manuals encourage the use of high beams on motorcycles whenever it is legal and safe to do so.

However, remember to turn your high beam off when you are approaching or following another vehicle. Not only is this common courtesy, it is the law.


Since being seen is extremely important for a motorcycle rider on the road, it is best to take measures that help you achieve this goal. Using your high beams all the time is not one of them.

In order to avoid accidents, you should always follow safety rules when riding your motorcycle. In case of an accident, do not forget to contact your motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can. Timing is extremely important when it comes to winning a motorcycle accident case.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017