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Lemon Laws for Motorcycles

Are There Lemon Laws for Motorcycles Many states enforce lemon laws that were created to help people who have purchased dysfunctional vehicles. Under lemon law, if a consumer has to take his new car, truck or motorcycle to the shop several times for repair work and the vehicle is still not working properly, then the consumer becomes entitled to receive a new vehicle or repurchase.

Lemon laws are open to many interpretations. In cases where these laws are not well defined, it can become awfully confusing to understand them.

Criteria and regulations regarding lemon law

Different states have different criteria and regulations regarding lemon law. Generally, lemon laws apply when you buy a new vehicle that turns out to be defective, and this defect does not get fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts made by an authorized manufacturer/dealership.

Lemon laws for motorcycles

California lemon law, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, covers new motor vehicles, including motorcycles. Lemon laws are especially vital to the safety of riders, since even the most minor defect in a motorcycle can lead to devastating, even deadly consequences.

When it comes to riding motorcycles, numerous types of motorcycle failure can cause serious injury or death. Unlike other vehicles, dealing with motorcycles leaves a little room for errors. For instance, you can get away with ignoring the engine light on your car (DO NOT DO THIS) because you still have the metal frame protecting you in case something goes wrong, but if you ignore the engine light on your motorcycle, it could prove to be fatal.

Common problems concerning lemon laws for motorcycles

Usually, issues concerning lemon laws for motorcycles can be separated into three categories.

  1. Defect in design
  2. Problem with service
  3. Mechanical issues

California Lemon Law for motorcycles

California lemon law is among the best in the nation. If you get stuck with a lemon, then this law helps you out and frees you from having to pay for someone else’s mistake. Under California lemon law, motorcycle riders get relief in the form of a replacement vehicle or some other remedy if they buy a vehicle and experience problems within its warranty period.

California lemon law offers the following solutions for consumers:

  1. Consumers can return their motorcycle to the manufacturer/dealership and the manufacturer/dealership gives all money back.
  2. Another remedy is that the manufacturer/dealership replaces the defective motorcycle with a new motorcycle.
  3. The manufacturer/dealership and the consumer can agree on a cash settlement and the manufacturer/dealership also has to pay for all the repair work, which representatives of the manufacturer/dealership supervised.

Sometimes, auto manufacturers/dealerships dispute lemon law claims, which is why you need professional legal help from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, preferably one who works on a contingency fee basis. This way, you will be able to pursue your claim against the dishonest manufacturer/dealership without having to pay any upfront attorney fees.


Lemon laws for motorcycle can prove to be tricky and it is a special area of law which needs an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to handle it. Lemon laws for motorcycle vary from state to state and are not the same everywhere. If a motorcycle you just bought is not working properly and multiple trips to the repair shop have not produced results, then you can get some relief by hiring a motorcycle accident attorney who has the knowledge and resources to fight your claim under lemon law and get your situation remedied.

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