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How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Settlement Take?

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Gives Advice

How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Settlement Take How long a motorcycle accident settlement will take depends on various factors. It is hard to find a definite answer to this question as it completely depends upon the particular circumstances of each accident.

It is very rare for personal injury cases to settle quickly though. Motorcycle accident claims especially requires extra attention and time due to their different and unique circumstances. There are often disputes concerning liability or property damage which takes a lot of time to settle. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can make the best educated guess about the duration of your case based on your particular circumstances.

If you have sustained injuries during your motorcycle accident and if those injuries are serious, then your recovery is the ultimate priority and the reason why you need to settle your claim in an effective manner. There are many different factors that determine the length of your motorcycle accident case, including the following:

1. How long it will take you to recover from your injuries

If you are seriously injured during a motorcycle accident, then only your doctor can provide a reliable estimate on how long it will take you to recover completely. The treatment that you receive after the accident will prove to be a key to the success of your case. It should never be rushed because determining the full extent of your injuries will be vital to getting full and fair compensation for your damages.

2. Collecting all the evidence

You should keep in mind that your motorcycle accident case is going to be complex. You will be required to order all the official documents and copies of your medical records and bills. Collecting all the evidence will take a considerable amount of time. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will use all this evidence to build a powerful case on your behalf. Make sure you have all the necessary evidence to support your case.

3. Getting a response from your insurance company

Your motorcycle accident lawyer will create a final demand package for you and it will be sent to the insurance company for review. This package includes a lot documentation to be reviewed by the insurance company, including your medical records and bills. This also includes an expert demand letter which is written by your motorcycle accident lawyer.

Depending upon the complexity of your case, the insurance company will respond in a month or two. Usually, the first response from the insurance company just opens room for negotiations; typically, there is a lot of back and forth before the case is resolved.

How can you speed up the process of settlement?

Trying to speed up the process of settlement is never a good idea. You need patience in order to get maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. Collecting evidence and the legal process requires time. Every motorcycle accident case is different, but it is almost always complex in nature. Try to get the help of a professional motorcycle accident lawyer who can handle your case correctly.


All the aforementioned factors have to be taken into consideration for estimating how much time it would take to get compensation for your injuries and losses after your motorcycle accident.

Every case is different, and it is hard to determine how long it would take to settle a motorcycle accident case. However, motorcycle accident cases usually take a bit more time compared to other personal injury cases, as they are often complex in nature. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can evaluate the unique circumstances surrounding your case and provide an estimate.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017