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Motorcycle Chain Maintenance and Care

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance and Care4

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Emphasize Frequent Maintenance

Ignoring your motorcycle chain maintenance can lead to accidents. Accidents cause injuries. Injuries require treatment, which can be costly, as all motorcycle accident lawyers know. Nobody really wants that trouble, right?

Paying attention to motorcycle chain maintenance and care can make the difference between a safe and pleasant ride and a dangerous one. Bad motorcycle chain maintenance results in rusty and noisy chains which hamper the optimal function of motorcycle and impede safety.

In case your chain breaks because of lack of maintenance, it will ball-up around the countershaft and the front sprocket. It will destroy your engine and likely result in great injuries or even death. If that weren’t scary enough, the chain might also break and get caught in the rear wheel and cause a skid.

The chain could also break, fly up and hit you on your back very hard while you are riding.

We do not want to scare you, but this is what could happen if you are careless with your motorcycle chain maintenance.

How to take care of the motorcycle chain

The main thing when it comes to motorcycle chain maintenance is to lubricate. You should do it about every 500 miles of riding (or 800 kilometers).

You have to lubricate the chain in two places. First, spray most of the lube on the inside of your chain. Do not forget also to spray the lube right onto the O-Rings. The O-Rings are designed to keep grease and lubrication inside the motorcycle chain and between all of its moving parts. The easiest way to do it is to spray lube at the rear sprocket. You should just spin the wheel as you do it. But do it only with your hands and with your motor off! It is extremely dangerous to put the bike in the first gear with the rear wheel in the air. Yes, it would be easier, but it could also cost you your fingers.

Regular lubrication will ensure your chain always performs well. However, there is another part to chain maintenance. You must keep the chain clean as well as lubricated. If you ride somewhere with sand and mud, clean the chain after it. It is a good idea to put protection on your chain that will prevent dirt getting inside. Thoroughly clean your chain every 3000 miles (4800 kilometers). A quick and easy way to clean your motorcycle bike is to use a rag or a toothbrush and kerosene. But it would be better to use special products for cleaning chains. If you have to use kerosene, make sure there are no plastic details that could be ruined. Again, special products are magnitudes better.

There are many types of lubricants available on the market. It could be basic wax, foaming wax, conventional lube, or foaming conventional lube. All those types of lubricants provide various levels of fling. Fling is grease that flies off the chain while riding. The more fling the better as it provides more protection for your motorcycle chain.

Lubricating your chain is extremely important. If you forget to do it, the heat will build up and it will result in the chain stretching. O-Ring without lubrication will be exposed to harmful ozone and ultraviolet rays. The components will thus dry out, crack and sometimes they can even break off.

Another useful tip is to lubricate the motorcycle chain soon after riding while the chain is still hot because the lube will be able to dissolve and get into the chain when it cools.

Take care of your bike and stay safe. But if you have already had an accident, the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm can help you deal with your injury claim.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017