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8 Ways a Motorcycle Changes Your Life

Just Don’t Get into a Motorcycle Accident

Owning a motorcycle is often depicted in movies as one of the coolest things ever! This is true. Owning a motorcycle will likely make you look cooler and give you a good conversation starter in most places. Apart from making you look cooler, there are many other ways owning a motorcycle will change your life. The purpose of this post is to make you aware of those changes and to urge you to act responsibly so that you won’t have any need for motorcycle accident lawyer anytime soon.

1. You get to join a motorcycle club:

Yep, you read that right. By owning a motorcycle, you could join a motorcycle club if you want to. The majority of motorcycle clubs are composed of law abiding citizens. By joining a club, you could find more friends with the same interests.

2. You will definitely look cool:

There is just something cool about riding motorcycles. Enter into any place with a motorcycle helmet in your arms and you will see how many heads will turn. The helmet can also act as a great conversation starter between you and others.

3. You get there faster:

A motorcycle is an easy way to get to your destination. You don’t have to pay much in terms of fuel and you can easily beat traffic and get to your destination.

4. It is risky:

According to the NHTSA (National Highways Traffic Safety Administration), the likelihood of being involved in a fatal crash as a rider is 35 times more likely per mile compared to that of a typical car driver. This just shows how risky it is to ride a motorcycle. Don’t add to the risk by riding in an unsafe manner. And don’t even try riding while drunk.

5. You will have to pay more in terms of insurance premiums

Everybody knows that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Road accident statistics have proven this. The fact that you are much more likely to be involved in an accident as a rider than as a driver means you have to pay more in terms of insurance compared to the normal car owner.

6. Owning a motorcycle makes you think more about safety

Owning a motorcycle means you have to think more about safety. When you get on your bike you will have to put on safety gear and ride in a way and at a speed that will not put your life in danger despite the temptation. This will likely translate to other parts of your life making you more careful and cautious. Of course, the opposite can be true. Owning a motorcycle can also make you more reckless. When you fall to the temptation of speeding, you will also likely not abide by other rules in the society. The choice is mostly up to you.

7. Makes you constantly think about your family

When you own a motorcycle and become aware of the risks, you start to think more about your life and those you will leave behind in case something happens to you. This would definitely have the effect of making you ride safely.


Before buying that motorcycle you have been eyeing make sure you understand how it will change your life. There are many pros to owning a motorcycle. You will definitely look cool or join a motorcycle club and enjoy all the benefits there. Still, there are quite a number of ways owning a motorcycle could make every day more dangerous. Remember to be alert and cautious on the road. Also, if you end up getting involved in an accident, contact us and we will quickly connect you with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to help you make a full recovery.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017