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Not All Motorcycle Helmets Are Equal

Are novelty motorcycle helmets safe?

The act of riding motorcycle is not all that complicated. It can be extremely fun and enjoyable experience. Riders often say that riding a bike makes them feel more free, that there’s nothing like the sensation of having the open road in front of you, full of possibilities. But as wonderful as motorcycling is, the activity comes with dangers as well as pleasures.

There are many things you need to consider when you first decide to ride a motorcycle. A great deal of responsibility comes with riding any vehicle on the road. You are responsible for not only your own life but also for the lives of others on the road.

Wearing a helmet should be at the top of your priority list. However, helmet safety can get a little complicated.

There are different helmet safety laws depending upon location. There are also many different types of helmets to choose from these days. All these helmets have different safety ratings which you need to consider before making a purchase.

Why wearing a motorcycle helmet is necessary

Many states, including California, require motorcyclists to wear a helmet when riding. Wearing a helmet can save your life in case of a motorcycle accident. It protects riders from head injury. If you are not wearing a helmet at the time of an accident, you may suffer serious or even fatal head injuries. Also, not wearing a helmet can weaken your injury claim, which is why any motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you to wear a helmet.

It not only provides protection in case of an accident, but also reduces the chance of an accident. One of the most important safety tips for riders is to make yourself as visible as possible. Motorcycle helmets help increase your mass. Also, motorcycle helmets are often made from reflective material that helps riders be seen on the road.

It is a well known fact that motorcyclists are at greater risk of getting injured on the road as compared to other vehicle drivers. Wearing a motorcycle helmet is a great way to protect yourself from getting serious injuries in case of an accident.

Safety regulations for motorcycle helmets

While searching for a motorcycle helmet that fulfills your requirements perfectly, you need to keep in mind there are different motorcycle helmet safety regulations based on location.

In case you are riding in America, you need to take a look at the DOT standards before choosing a helmet. If you are planning to ride in Europe then you need to know the European standards for helmet safety. However, many European countries have comparatively more strict rules for helmet safety. So, many helmets that meet the European safety standards also meet the DOT standards that are applicable in USA.

Types of motorcycle helmets

Generally there are six types of motorcycle helmets which you can choose from according to your particular needs.

  • Open face helmet
  • Full face helmet
  • Modular or flip up helmets
  • Half helmet
  • Dual sport helmets
  • Off road or motocross helmets

All these helmets have different specifications. You can choose a helmet according to your own preference. A good helmet should be convenient to use while also providing you maximum safety.


All motorcycle helmets are definitely not created equal. You need to take into consideration that your helmet is in accordance with the helmet safety regulations of your state. Wearing a helmet protects you against getting serious injuries in case of an accident. Head injuries are the leading cause of death in motorcycle accidents. If you want to live, protect your noggin’ and get a certified helmet.

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Last Updated: 03-24-2017