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Top Motorcycle Routes in California

Find motorcycle Roads, Trips and Events in California

Top Motorcycle Routes in California It would not be wrong to say that California is one of the best places for riding motorcycles in the world. It has thousands of miles of beautiful, scenic roads that are unlike any other place in the world. Its elevation changes, beautiful terrain, and twisty roads make the Golden State the perfect place for a biker to ride.

There are so many motorcycle enthusiasts out there that consider California an amazing place for riding. There is no doubt that riding motorcycle on a beautiful road is a very enjoyable experience. However, as any motorcycle accident attorney will tell you, it can be a dangerous experience as well – but that’s a topic saved for another time.

The following are the top motorcycle routes in California known for their breathtaking scenic beauty:

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the best routes in California. When you are riding on this idyllic coastal road, expect to see beaches, variety of waterfalls, lavish valleys, flowery meadows and redwood forests. You will also find world class dining options along the way.

The road is without a doubt ideal for any biker. It features a great number of twists and turns, climbs and drops to make you feel amazing while riding.

The route is pretty easy to follow as well, mostly because there is not much traffic except for some town areas. The road quality and scenic value of the route make it the number one choice for adventure seeking riders.

Angeles Crest Highway

This motorcycle route is just minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. The total road length is 66 miles. It can be described as a mountain rural road as it is filled with alpine scenery.

This road is still fairly new, so there is not much development on the road. You will see beautiful forests and mountains on this road during your ride. The road condition is excellent and there is plenty of twisting mountain roads, which are ideal for motorcyclists.

Route 36

The favorite of many sports bike riders, Route 36 has amazing twists and turns. However, there is not much scenic beauty you can enjoy on this road. Total road length is 140 miles.

Although Route 36 isn’t exactly scenic, it makes up for it with its adrenaline junky thrills. On the road, there are many places with no guard rails and long rollercoaster-like drops. Just be careful not to push yourself beyond your limits. If you’re riding in a group, don’t feel pressured to follow if the speed is too high. Ride at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Death Valley

Death Valley is another incredible motorcycle route in California. The desert scenery of the route is a stunning landscape. You will also come across beautiful mountains with starkly contrasting reddish brown and blonde colors.
If you are planning to ride on this magnificent route, spring time is best to do so. In springtime, the valley is covered in wildflowers, which greatly adds to the beauty of the road.

Sonora Pass

The total route length of Sonora Pass is 79 miles. It is truly the most stunning landscape on the planet. When riding on Sonora Pass, you will see magnificent snow covered mountains, wild flowers, meadows, waterfalls and a variety of wildlife as well.

You can only ride on Sonora Pass in summer time as it is closed in winters. However, you can catch the snow-covered peaks if you plan a trip towards end of summer.
The roads of Sonora Pass are narrow and steep with sudden drop offs, so you need to be extra cautious when riding your motorcycle. Make sure you are following all the necessary safety rules.


There are many amazing motorcycle routes in California that feel like heaven to adventure-seeking motorcyclists. Although riding a motorcycle is a very enjoyable activity, it can be dangerous as well. Make sure you follow all the safety rules in order to have a peaceful and safe ride.

In case of an accident, it is the best practice to seek the professional help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. This will improve your chances of winning your case and getting full and fair compensation for your loss.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017