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4 Insane Things Nobody Tells You About Riding a Motorcycle

4 Insane Things Nobody Tells You About Riding a Motorcycle

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Tells All

For most, buying a motorcycle is all about those smooth and long roads, executing those crazy stunts we see our Hollywood heroes perform, or simply just showing off a cool bike. Well, just hold that thought! With that fame and glory comes a whole lot of risk and discomfort.

Here are four insane things that nobody tells you about riding a motorcycle:

1. Riding a motorcycle is a totally different experience from traveling in a four-wheeled ride

When driving a four-wheeled ride, you really never think about balance at all. Riding a motorcycle, although it quickly feels natural, greatly depends on your balancing skills. Your balancing skills play into everything you do on your bike, from starting to accelerating to making those sharp corners and even breaking! Riding a motorcycle and making those sharp corners or being able to pull off crazy stunts might appear simple, but they do require top-notch mobility and balancing skills to pull off!

2. Flying insects are everywhere

Smiling and laughing when riding a bike might appear to be natural until that moment you have bees or other insects fly into your mouth. You should keep your mouth closed a bit more often when riding and definitely consider putting on a helmet.

Bees, for instance, are a pretty harmless insect when not disturbed. However, get onto your bike and see this humble creature transform into the most dangerous weapon ever. At any speed above 10mph, colliding with a bee on the neck, face, or any other exposed body part feels like you have just been shot with a rubber bullet (this is no exaggeration at all). An even worst case scenario is when the bee gets trapped in your helmet and proceeds to terrorize you.

3. Balancing on motorcycles is not exactly the same as balancing on bicycles

Motorcycles and bicycles both contain two wheels. Therefore, you might be thinking that since you can be able to balance on a bicycle, then you could actually transfer these skills to a motorcycle. This reasoning is wrong. Balancing on a motorcycle is a bit more difficult since motorcycles far outweigh bicycles. Their weight makes them a bit more challenging to handle and a lot more difficult to balance. Balancing the front and back is particularly difficult because of the power of the engine and the fact that the brakes are somewhat weaker on two-wheel rides.

4. The sound of the engine says a lot

Different from cars and trucks, the sound produced by the engine while you are on the road often says a lot. You ought to carefully listen to this sound to know when to shift gears or release the clutch. To get a more fulfilling and enjoyable riding experience, try using a combination of the tachometer readings and the sound of the engine to shift your gears. You will love how your bike responds when you shift your gears using the two signals.

These particular experiences are actually what make riding motorcycles a lot more fun and thrilling than driving a car or riding a bicycle.

Motorcycle accidents are very dangerous and they are known to cause severe injuries to victims. It is for this reason that putting on protective gear every time you intend to ride is absolutely essential. If you or your loved has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should seek the help of a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer. With an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, you will likely receive the maximum possible compensation for the suffering and pain endured.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017