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An Important Tips to Motorcycle Riding

Riding Your Motorcycle on the Freeway

Riding a motorcycle on the freeway can be a very fun experience, but sometimes it can also prove to be dangerous. Statistically, the freeway is safer than most roadways; however, the high speed of vehicles, congestion and frequent lane changes can make riding motorcycle on the freeway a bit challenging.

You need to keep in mind a few things described below in order to avoid accidents when riding motorcycle on a freeway. However, in an event of an accident you need to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Keep safe distance between you and cars

When riding on a freeway, always try to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Often, accidents take place because people don’t keep in mind this very basic safety rule. The biggest hazard you are likely to encounter when riding on a freeway is a collision with another vehicle – by keeping a safe distance, you can prevent it from happening.

Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings

Being alert and keeping a watchful eye is important when riding on a freeway. You can potentially reduce the risk of getting caught up in another driver’s mistake by spotting hazards early. Watch out for brake lights and other signs that indicate slowing of traffic, an erratic maneuver, or sudden lane changes. If you identify the subtle clues early on, it allows you to avoid last second desperate reactions and decisions that put you at risk of an accident.

Lane positioning

You can ensure your safety on a freeway by being conscious of your lane positioning. Optimum lane position not only makes you more visible, it also allows you to see well ahead on the road. So you can spot potential hazards or problems early on. Always pay attention to where your motorcycle is in relation to other traffic on the freeway.

If you position yourself in a manner where nobody is driving right next to you, you can avoid accidents as no one can make an abrupt lane change and hit you.

Changing lanes

Changing lanes on a freeway requires extra caution on your part due to fast movement of traffic. This is especially true for freeways with more than two lanes of traffic. On multiple lane freeways you have to check not only that the lane you are trying to enter is clear, but you also need to make certain that no one from another lane is trying to enter the free spot that you have identified.

Beware of rain grooves

Most freeway roads have grooves cut into their surface for facilitating water runoff in a rainstorm. These rain grooves can make your motorcycle feel pretty unstable if you hit one during your ride. Even for a most experienced motorcyclist, the bike might seem out of control when passing a rain groove. However it is nothing to worry about when this happens, as it is a comparatively harmless situation. When you hit a rain groove, it is important that you do not panic. Try to stay relax and calm.


When riding on a freeway, if there is little or no traffic on the road, perhaps the biggest challenge is staying alert. Most accidents happen because of driver’s failure to stay alert. However, during rush hour, surviving a freeway run requires steadfast diligence on your part. You just need to stay focused and adopt an effective freeway strategy to make certain a safe journey. Sometimes despite following all the safety rules, accident still happen due to negligence of other drivers on the road. But if you have followed precautions, it would help your motorcycle accident lawyer to make a strong case and you could get appropriate compensation for your injury or loss.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017