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Is Samsung's Smart Windshield a Good Idea?

Is Samsung’s Smart Windshield a Good Idea?

Is Samsung's Smart Windshield a Good Idea?

There is a heated debate between safe driving advocates, motorcycle accident lawyers, and policymakers on whether the Smart Windshield from Samsung is a good idea. However, in the technological industry, many are already hailing Smart Windshield as one of the biggest technological innovations in the motorcycle world especially when it comes to navigation. In this article, we will show you the facts about this seemingly exciting technology and also why quite a number of safe driving advocates are against it.

First of all, what exactly is a Smart Windshield?

The Smart Windshield is one of Samsung’s latest innovations in the automotive world in its latest initiative to collaborate with industry specialists in different disciplines to make products and gadgets that are capable of solving real challenges in people’s lives. It basically involves the addition of a special projector near that motorcycle’s windshield. The rider simply has to download the companion app on his or her smartphone and it will beam information such as navigation, speed, or calls on the windshield.

What are the proponents saying about it?

Well, Samsung and many other people who are in support of this new technology argue that it is better to use the smart windshield than taking out your smartphone while riding. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road when someone calls or texts you; you simply glance at the windshield. In marketing the concept, Samsung and Yamaha (a motorcycle manufacturer) argued that many youths use their smartphones while riding motorcycles and that the technology would offer a safer alternative.

What opponents are saying

Those against the technology are saying stick to the true old ways. Don’t text (or use your smartphone) while driving or riding, period! Any form of distraction (even if it is controlled as is the case with this technology) should not be allowed.

What our motorcycle accident lawyers are saying

Even though the technology serves a purpose (minimization of distraction from smartphones while driving), it is not really the safest alternative. Samsung might have had good reasons for making the product but we don’t just see how much more different the technology is from just pulling out your smartphone and reading those texts or receiving that call. You see, distractions are threefold; i.e. physical, visual and cognitive. The worst of these three is cognitive (mental).

With Samsung’s Smart Windshield technology, you no longer have to pull out your smartphone while riding. You also don’t have to completely take your eyes off the road. This means, there is completely no physical distraction and somewhat no visual distraction (images on the windshield might block your view). This makes it clear that the technology does help. However, there will be cognitive distraction. What if the phone call is important? You will probably start thinking about whether to receive it and what to say or not to say. Simply put, such a call will cognitively distract you and increase your likelihood of causing an accident.

Switching off your smartphone before riding remains the best alternative. You will not receive any calls or hear any incoming text beep. Better yet, call whomever you are expecting a call from and tell them you are about to ride before you set off. Better to be safe than sorry.

Wrapping it all up

Though the technology is good it isn’t the best alternative. Distracted riding remains a problem in our society. Let us remind our friends and family to stay focused on the road. If you get hit by a driver or rider who was clearly distracted, simply call us and our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers will help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017