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Tips for Motorcycle Passengers

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Gives Safety Advice

Tips for Motorcycle Passengers

Last Updated: 02-02-2017

One of the most amazing experiences you can have with a friend or a partner is riding together with him or her on a motorcycle. However, to have the most fun, the passenger needs to know what to do. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the things a motorcycle passenger needs to do to ensure that the ride is safe and enjoyable for both.

Perform the following steps before getting onto a motorcycle:

Put on safety gear

The rider will definitely have a helmet on, gloves, boots, a safety jacket and any other safety gear he or she deems appropriate – and so should you. Put on motorcycle gloves, a reflective leather jacket, pants and a helmet before getting on the motorcycle. Safety gear will protect you against abrasion, a crushed skull and many other injuries in case of an accident. A reflective jacket will increase your visibility and alert other road users to your presence.

Put on a helmet

This safety gear clearly deserves its own paragraph. Get a fitting helmet or ask the rider for one. A helmet will protect your head from abrasion or cracking in case of a collision.

Once you climb onto the motorcycle, plant your feet on the foot pegs and do not remove unless you are getting off the motorcycle

This is because you don’t want to bring any of your feet close to the drive belt or rear wheel spokes when the motorcycle starts to move. Any contact will likely result in a serious injury. For the same reason, anything loose on you should not wander anywhere below your knees as it can entangle itself with the spokes resulting in injury or a crash.

Gently lean into the rider when he or she makes turns

You should lean with the rider and the motorcycle when the rider makes any kind of movement to avoid loss of balance. Also, try to sit still on the motorcycle and avoid any unnecessary movements for the same reason.

Stay alert and ready

As a passenger on a motorcycle, you have to stay alert and also be on the lookout for any potential dangers. If you see anything, alert the rider and brace yourself for the turn, sudden breaking, or whatever other action the rider might choose to take.

Always wait for instructions from the rider with regards to mounting and dismounting

Most motorcycles are big and heavy. Any sudden movement could cause the bike to get out of balance and fall. Wait for the rider to inform you when to mount or disembark as he or she will be prepared to hold the motorcycle.

Ask the rider about his insurance

It might be a little awkward but knowing that there is some form of comprehensive insurance that will cover the bike, the rider, and any of its passengers can give you a sense of calm. In case the two or you do unfortunately end up in an accident, contact a motorcycle accident attorney and he or she will help you figure out what to do next.

Put on clothes that are appropriate for the weather

It can be quite windy at the back of a motorcycle. Apart from the safety gear put on warm clothes when riding at night. In case you expect it to rain or snow, also put on proper clothing for that. If you do not prepare appropriately, you will surely miss the shelter of your car in case it starts to rain or snow.

Follow these simple tips for a safer and more enjoyable ride. In case you suffer any accident, immediately contact a motorcycle accident attorney; he or she will know what to do best.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017