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Myths and Misconceptions about Personal Injury Lawyers

Myths and Misconceptions about Personal Injury Lawyers

Common Myths and Misconceptions regarding Personal Injury Lawsuits

In case you or someone you love has been has suffered any injuries from an accident, seeking out the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer could go a long way in recovering the damages you have incurred. However, a lot of people are usually hesitant to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer because they believe the several myths surrounding them. Below are some common myths and misconceptions about personal injury lawyers:

1. Personal injury lawyers are “ambulance chasers”

This myth is mostly portrayed in the movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to view personal injury lawyers as “ambulance chasers” who blatantly run after ambulances in order to try and take advantage of those who have been injured. Personal injury lawyers thus end up appearing to be more interested in the money than in assisting their clients.

This maligned picture of lawyers is not just untruthful, but also undermines the justice system which protects those individuals in need. In California, for instance, there are strict regulations which make it illegal for lawyers to solicit business in any public or private place.

Several reputable and decent lawyers have chosen personal injury law as their bread-and-butter because they want to help the injured get justice and fair compensation for their losses.

2. Hiring a personal lawyer is very expensive

This is absolutely false! The majority of the personal injury lawyers provide their services on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that the lawyer only gets a fraction of your settlement. If you don’t win a settlement or verdict, then you owe the lawyer nothing. Additionally, most law firms provide free case evaluations whereby the case is assessed to determine whether you should pursue legal action with help from a personal injury lawyer.

3. Personal injury lawyers are interested only in huge outcomes

Personal injury claims at times involve huge outcomes. However, the interests of every personal injury lawyer do not necessarily lie on these huge outcomes, given that many lawyers just want positive results for their clients. All insurance companies have their own team of lawyers who work very hard to reduce the amount of compensation given to settle a claim. A personal injury lawyer is aware of the fact that the odds of a reasonable settlement are totally against the average consumer unless he/she also gets representation from a legal professional. With that said, the main goal of every personal injury lawyer is to make sure that the client gets fairly compensated.

4. Personal injury lawyers tend to file frivolous lawsuits

This is not true. Personal injury lawyers have no incentive to file frivolous lawsuits. They know that not all injuries have remedies under law. Given that most of them usually work on a contingency basis, they are normally not willing to file frivolous lawsuits which have little or even no chance of getting any kind of award. In the field of personal injury law, the lawyer only gets paid if they manage to win a settlement or verdict.

5. There is no need for a personal injury lawyer in the small injury claims

People tend to think that the small injury cases do not really call for the help of a personal injury lawyer. What presently seems like a minor injury to you might turn out to have costly, long-term consequences. Your decision to settle without the help of a personal injury lawyer should only be made after carefully taking into consideration all the probable future expenses.

Personal injury lawyers are there to help you and not to take advantage of your situation. Getting one after an accident will play a huge role in making sure that you get fairly compensated for your injuries and other losses.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017