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Plane Accident

Although not common, plane accidents do occur and when that happens, many people can be sustain very serious physical, emotional, and financially harm. Long- term physical and mental issues can also result for the post-traumatic stress of surviving a plane accident. Victims often suffer an ongoing fear of traveling by plane or other public transportation and may exhibit depression and moodiness that can prevent him or her for living a happy and fulfilling life.

For victims of plane accidents in the Los Angeles area, Wilshire Law Firm offers certified personal injury lawyers to protect your rights and interests. Medical expenses vary depending on the severity of injuries received and it is not uncommon for airplane accident victims to amass substantial debts as they seek to fully recover from injuries received. Our attorneys fight for the complete compensation for your medical bills, expenses, pain and suffering, and loss income that result from a plane accident injury. Plane accidents are rarely caused by a passenger and are almost always due to poor equipment maintenance or negligent flight crews.


Our team of plane accident lawyers negotiates with negligent parties and insurance companies in your behalf to acquire a fair and equitable settlement that compensates for your expenses and personal suffering. Representation of our injured clients is always on a contingent fee basis that requires no upfront payment of fees or repayment of expenses incurred until a settlement in your favor is obtained. For victims without personal health insurance, contact with our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible is recommended to ensure your rights and interests are protected.

Wilshire Law Firm can arrange for any and all medical services required by our clients provided by qualified medical professionals working through accredited area hospitals. Medical expenses covered are not limited in amount or duration. Medical arranged by the firm are also exempt from out-of-pocket payments by the client. Instead, healthcare providers accept a lien against the future proceeds of your impending settlement. Counselors are available to accident victims and their families to address any questions you may have concerning complicated legal issues and the negotiation process. We can travel to your location so as not to inconvenience you or delay your rehabilitation.






Deanne Shila

I'd recommend him highly to anyone.

Mr. Saadian has represented me in 2 separate cases. In both instances, he did far more than obtain me the best possible settlement. I'd recommend him highly to anyone.

Drescher Rebecka

Bobby is at the very top of the Personal Injury Attorneys.

Bobby is at the very top of the Personal Injury Attorneys I've worked with. He's very professional and responsive. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking an attorney in this field.




To simplify the legal process for our clients and eliminate its stress on their lives, our attorneys manage all aspects of the legal and negotiation process. Clients are able to focus on their recovery with the confidence that their interests are protected. If our representatives are unable obtain a fair negotiated settlement, legal action is absolutely an option to ensure your equitable compensation. Wilshire Law Firm employs the services of private investigators and specialists to secure evidence and testimony that establishes the negligence and liability of all opposing parties.

Testimony from medical professional will also be produced to substantiate the seriousness of your injuries and the probably extent of future treatments required. Their testimony can be a critical factor in receiving full compensation for your injuries. Our plane accident attorneys have earned a stellar reputation for legal excellence based on our high ethical standards and honesty business practices. Yet, we can still provide determined and persistent representation of our clients. If you or someone you know was injured in a plane accident, please contact Wilshire Law Firm at (800) 522-7274.


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