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What Are the Common Causes of Large Truck Accidents

Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Despite the road laws and truck industry regulations, truck accidents are prevalent and cost lives as well as a money. What factors cause these serious truck accidents? More specifically, what is it that is putting the lives of so many pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles at risk?

It is essential to know that though truck accidents often happen due to reckless driving, there are a number of other causes that commonly result in a truck accident. This article brought to you by professional truck accident lawyers covers all the different types of accident-causing factors below.

1. The truck driver’s fault

Though this isn’t always the case, most truck accidents occur due to driver error. The main reason for this is that the demands of the industry put a lot of pressure on drivers. In a struggle to meet quotas, some drivers commit acts of negligence and recklessness which can lead to tragic accidents.

Some of the major mistakes by truck drivers leading to truck accidents are:

a. Substance abuse

Drunk driving, or driving under influence, causes a large number of truck accidents. When drivers are high or drunk, they are less alert and their reaction times are slowed, which can be dangerous on the road.

b. Fatigue

The truck drivers have long routes to cover and often work in shifts. However, when one works beyond their capacity, fatigue can set it and cause an accident. This could be fatal for both the driver and anyone in his or her path.

c. Distracted driving

Distraction could be caused by many elements, human or otherwise, and result in sudden actions and decisions that lead to accidents on the road. Sudden brakes and turns are common examples of actions resulting from distractions.

d. Inadequate training

If a driver receives little to no training, chances are he will be unaware of the road safety tips exclusive for the truck drivers and thus present a threat on the road. Untrained drivers often fail to understand and reaction to situations quickly and in a safe manner, which leads to accidents and injuries.

2. The other vehicle driver’s fault

Thinking truck drivers are always at fault is a misconception since it is possible for other drivers to be the culprit. There are many ways another driver can cause a truck accident, including the following:

  • Changing lanes without checking for other vehicles
  • Driving in the truck’s blind spot
  • Not being able to judge the speed of the approaching truck
  • Braking abruptly in front of a truck

A truck accident lawyer can help you identify all the liable parties in your case.

3. The failure of truck

More often than not, a malfunctioning part or technical breakdown can result in a serious accident despite the driver’s ability and responsiveness. Equipment failure could happen due to inadequate maintenance or inspection. The truck companies as well as the drivers are supposed to conduct a thorough inspection and ensure proper maintenance of their vehicle.

4. The employer’s fault

In many cases, truck drivers are not the sole culprit responsible for the accidents, their employers may be equally, if not more, responsible. The major reason is their indifferent or careless attitude when hiring the staff. Truck drivers must be licensed and trained individuals with no trace of substance abuse history or any criminal involvement, to be eligible for the job. Also, cargo must be loaded in a way that keeps the truck balanced and not overburdened.

5. Bad weather

Driving in bad weather is always risky. Rain, snow, sleet, and ice can make the roads slick, increasing the potential for spinouts and other types of accidents. Fog can contribute to lower visibility. Basically, truck drivers must exercise utmost caution when driving in bad weather.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is highly advised that you hire a truck accident lawyer to gather evidence, identify the faulty party, and resolve your claim with optimal results.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017