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Healthy Ways to Mourn

Finding Peace After a Wrongful Death

Healthy Ways to Mourn

Last Updated: 02-01-2017

The death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences one can have. Mourning or grieving is one of the ways you could let go of that pain and suffering and open a new chapter of your life. Mourning is a natural response to loss. Failure to mourn could lead to depression or complicated grief. In this article provided by a Wilshire Law Firm wrongful death lawyer, we will share with you healthy ways to cope with the loss of a close friend, partner, or relative.

1. Cry if you need to:

Don’t hold back feelings of sadness, despair, anger, and/or depression. Let it all out. Bottling up such feelings will only make the situation worse. Crying and expressing these feelings alone or to someone you really trust is healthy. Allowing yourself to have these feelings will also let you fully feel pain of the loss and have a moment to really remember the person you have lost, which is actually healthy.

2. Allow yourself time to grieve:

The time you need to grieve is determined by various factors, including how close you were with the deceased and the nature of your relationship. Thus, it is not easy to know how long it will take you to fully go through the grieving process. Do not rush it or even give yourself a deadline. Recognize that every situation is different. If you need more time to mourn the deceased, take your time and when time comes to let go, do it gently.

3. Get a pen and paper and write what you feel:

There will be those occasions when you feel slightly overwhelmed by everything. When it happens, get a pen and paper and write what you feel, whether it is positive or negative. Writing about what you are thinking of or experiencing is a good way to let out the negative feelings.

4. Seek spiritual help and guidance:

Call your priest, rabbi, or imam and talk to them about what you are feeling. He or she will pray with you and most likely come to your place, or send someone to come pray with you and give you words of encouragement during these difficult times.

5. Try not to make any major decisions at this point in time:

You might feel the need to make major decisions on accepting any insurance settlements or moving to a new place to quickly put behind all memories of your loss. However, recognize that grieving greatly affects you both mentally and physically. If the deceased died from an accident, contact a wrongful death lawyer before signing any insurance settlements.

6. Exercise and pay attention to your sleep and eating patterns:

As mentioned before, the death of a loved one will probably exhaust your physical and mental energies. Try to exercise moderately and get enough sleep. Also, stick to a healthy diet.

7. See a guidance counselor or join a support group:

If you feel as if things are not getting any better after some time, see a guidance counselor or therapist. These are people who are trained to help you overcome some strong feelings that you might experience when mourning someone. You could also join a support group. You could find other people with similar experiences who could share with you tips on how they have been able to cope with their own loss.


There are many healthy ways to mourn. Remember not to bottle up any feelings but instead give yourself time to grieve. Also, if you feel like things are getting out of hand, join a support group or see a spiritual counselor. In cases where the death was accidental then contact a wrongful death lawyer. He or she will help you get compensation and possibly punitive damages for all the suffering you have experienced.

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