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Questions to Ask a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Questions to Ask a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Find the Right Wrongful Death Lawyer for You

The moment something happens to a relative of yours and you want to file a lawsuit so many questions will come to your mind. The one person who can give you the right answers to your question will most definitely be your wrongful death lawyer. He or she must have handled similar cases in the past and will be familiar with most of the concerns that you will have about your particular case.

Before you hire any lawyer, you need to ascertain his expertise. Is he as good as he says? How can you know if he is good before you commit yourself to his law firm? The questions presented in this post will help you to ascertain your lawyer’s credibility and to know what to expect from him or her.

How many similar cases have you handled in the past?

This question will give you a rough idea of whether or not the lawyer you are about to hire has the experience necessary to successfully handle cases such as yours. Lack of experience can lead to that lawyer bungling the case or settling for lower compensation when you could’ve gotten more.

How many court trials have you had and what is your rate of success?

Most cases never really end up in trial. Many organizations or individuals often agree to settle or pay compensation before matters get out of their hands. The trial of a wrongful death case requires a higher level of expertise. The higher the number of court trials a lawyer has had, the higher the level of expertise you can assume he or she has. His or her rate of success should tell you if the lawyer really has what it takes to represent you. A lower win/loss ratio means the lawyer is not as good as he would like you to believe. You should have a minimum success rate below which you won’t accept the law firm to represent you.

Are you a member of any professional organization and have you received any award?

To be a member of any professional association, one has to meet the association’s requirements. One also has to hold himself to the high standards set by that association. There are many local, state and federal lawyer associations. Ask your wrongful death lawyer whether he or she is a member of any of them. If he is a member of a professional lawyers association, you can assume he is serious about his work and has the skills needed to handle your case. If he or she has received any award, then that is even better. It shows how good his work is in the community that he is serving.

Do you have the resources to handle my case?

Wrongful death cases are some of the most expensive cases to handle. This is because there are dozens of complicated issues that might require the input of experts from other fields. This requires money. Lots of money! Only agree to be represented by a law firm with the finances to fund exhibits, research, depositions, and expert witnesses.

Can you give me a list of at least 5 past clients who are willing to share their experiences with your firm?

Attorneys can be very convincing. Just a few minutes with some of us and you will be convinced that we can handle your case. However, the question is whether the lawyer you are speaking to is being truthful or not. The list of happy clients and their contacts should help you to put any doubts to rest. Make sure to contact some of the clients to get their opinion on the lawyer and the law firm he or she works for.

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