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Wilshire Law Firm Recovers $3 Million in Sex Abuse Case Against Perris Union High School District

Riverside, January 23rd, 2023 – Attorneys Jon Teller, Daniel DeSantis, and Josh Teller, resolved a sexual abuse case against the Perris Union High School District for $3,000,000. This remarkable result was made possible through the dedication and hard work of our trial attorneys, and the team of legal professionals who labored tirelessly to resolve the case.

Prior to trial, the District and its well-seasoned legal team made a top settlement offer of only $25,000. The case proceeded to trial, where the $3 million result was reached after 3-weeks of trial.

Wilshire Law Firm fought for the rights of our client, who was sexually assaulted by Perris High School’s volleyball coach in the 10th grade. The District claimed they were not responsible because the physical sexual assaults occurred off of school grounds. The District also alleged they had no notice of bad acts as the perpetrator possessed a clean record, multiple recommendations from other District employees, and never had any complaints filed against him.

At trial, Jon Teller and Daniel DeSantis of Wilshire Law Firm, explained to the jury, that these sexual assaults only happen because of the psychological grooming process that occurs well before the physical assaults – ie. red flags the District should have known as they happened on school campus in front of District supervisors. Attorneys for Plaintiff highlighted the lack of supervision by the perpetrator’s supervisors which allowed him to be left alone with students. In addition, the lack of proper training tools not only to the perpetrator himself, but to the supervisors and administration led to these horrific events.

“School Districts often overlook the need for greater supervision of new teachers and coaches, and Jorge’s story is the tragic result of that pattern and practice. This result will hopefully start a new beginning of change. A change for everyone at the District to review their policies to ensure this never happens again to another student”, Mr. Teller said outside of Court after the settlement was announced.

Through several witnesses corroborations of High School graduates at trial, Wilshire Law Firm was able to support the District should have known about the perpetrator and prevented these egregious acts from occurring. The evidence displayed in Court opened the District’s and their legal teams eyes to see what truly was going on, which led to the resolution of the case mid-trial for $3 million.

“This $3 million resolution will not only compensate our client for what was taken from him in the form of mental health, but it will undeniably raise awareness and increase student safety district-wide.”

Daniel DeSantis

Wilshire Law Firm prides itself on delivering swift justice for our well-deserving clients and advocating on behalf of all sexual abuse victims alike.

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