Colin Jones Wins $3 Mil Verdict in LA Motorcycle Accident Case

Wilshire Law Firm is thrilled to announce that a Los Angeles County jury has awarded client Michael Orrin Jr. a $3,375,000+ verdict. With the addition of $1,075,000 in costs and interest, the final amount recovered will total $4,450,000. Partner Colin M. Jones, Esq. secured the verdict on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019.

Motorcycle accident

“This case is so meaningful to us,” remarked Mr. Jones, “because finally, after 4 long years, the jury was able to come out and say, ‘The truth still matters. Your client matters.’”

The verdict stems from a motorcycle accident in October of 2015. While traveling west in an I-405 carpool lane, Mr. Orrin and his motorcycle were contacted by the defendant, whose vehicle crossed the double yellow lines and veered into the carpool lane as part of a failed lane change.

Mr. Orrin suffered fractures to his tibia and fibula as well as an Achilles injury during the accident, his leg left hanging by nothing more than skin and soft tissue. Despite months of grueling rehabilitation and several surgeries, the effects of the accident will leave Mr. Orrin in some level of constant pain for the rest of his life.

Shockingly, the insurance company refused to offer Mr. Orrin more than $350,000 for the injuries he sustained, less than half of the policy limit. Undeterred, Wilshire Law Firm put our immense resources to work. Utilizing accident reconstruction and courtroom animation technology, our high-powered attorneys went all the way to get our client the justice he was owed, recovering a verdict 10x more than the highest settlement offer.

“Ultimately this was a simple case,” stated Mr. Jones matter-of-factly. “The defendant crossed the double yellow line. He broke the law. And he is responsible for all of the harms that followed.”

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