Wilshire Law Firm Featured in VerdictSearch

LOS ANGELES, CA. December 19, 2018—Wilshire Law Firm is proud to announce that VerdictSearch, a leading source of verdict and settlement news from around the country, recently selected a case won by Wilshire Law Firm trial attorneys Colin Jones, Daniel Miller, and Bobby Saadian as a “Featured Verdict” in their national publication. This motor vehicle accident case was hand-selected as particularly noteworthy in the personal injury field by VerdictSearch’s expert team of editors.

In January 2018, Wilshire Law Firm obtained a $1 million jury verdict on behalf of Gustavo Godoy Zepeda, a passenger in a car who was injured when a tractor-trailer rear-ended the vehicle he was traveling in on southbound U.S. Route 101 in February 2014. As a result of the accident, Mr. Zepeda sustained spinal strains and protruding discs (among other injuries). After conservative chiropractic care and physical therapy resulted in minimal improvement, Mr. Zepeda underwent lumbar spinal fusion surgery in October of 2015.

Despite the surgery, Mr. Zepeda has continued to experience pain in his neck due to the accident. The medical care for his injuries will likely continue for years, and he may never fully recover. To convey the gravity of Mr. Zepeda’s injuries to the jury, leading trial attorney Colin Jones utilized cutting-edge medical illustration technology.

“Our clients all have a story to tell,” says Jones, “and sometimes the best way to tell a story is to show it to your audience. Making use of advanced courtroom technology allows us to bring the jury into the lives of our clients and helps the jury fully understand how a victim’s life is affected by an accident.”

Thanks to the determined efforts of Jones and everyone at Wilshire Law Firm, this outstanding verdict ensures that Mr. Zepeda will be justly compensated for past and future medical costs, along with past and future pain and suffering brought about by his unfortunate accident.

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