LOS ANGELES, CA. Dec. 22, 2017 — On Thursday, December 21, 2017 Bobby Saadian and Colin Jones of Wilshire Law Firm filed a nationwide, proposed class action against Apple Inc., on behalf of their clients Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas. Consumers who have owned iPhone models prior to the iPhone 8 are also represented.

The complaint alleges that Apple never requested consent from Plaintiffs to slow down their iPhones; that Plaintiffs were never given the option to choose, whether they preferred their iPhones slower than normal; and that, as a result of Apple’s intentional slowdowns, Plaintiffs suffered interferences to the usage of their device and economic damages, for which they’re now seeking compensation, along with all similarly situated individuals.

The proposed class action has received national and international attention. Apple’s announcement, however, didn’t surprise many iPhone owners who, reportedly have been suspicious, for years, of the reason for their devices’ irregular performance.

Consumers buy the global brand’s products, because they thought Apple could be trusted. Yet Apple admitted to slowing down older iPhone models, and offered a less-than-sufficient explanation regarding the technical process, which the tech giant claims is behind the deliberate slowdowns.

Senior trial attorney and Wilshire Law Firm Partner, Colin Jones, told the media, “What Apple is doing is simple not fair to iPhones users and is a betrayal of their trust. Consumers who save their hard-earned money to buy an iPhone deserve a device that works, and not just until the newest model comes out.”

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