Carolin Shining Presents to Mexican American Bar Association (MABA)

December 15th, 12 – 1 PM PST – Senior Attorney Carolin Shining will present on the potential shortcomings of allowing paraprofessionals to practice law in California without attorney supervision.

Senior Attorney Shining appears as a panelist alongside Ethics Attorney Erin Joyce, presenting to the Mexican American Bar Association (MABA) on how allowing paraprofessionals to practice without supervision could negatively impact the California legal community. The speech is sponsored by several notable parties, including the CAOC, CAALA, John M. Langston Bar Association of Los Angeles, and more. Attending the webinar is worth one hour of MCLE Credit. The Webinar is free for MABA members and only costs $25 for non-members!

In the Webinar, Attorneys Shining and Joyce will present on a 2021 report by the California Paraprofessionals Working Group’s (CPPWG), touching on key points such as:

  • Why allowing paraprofessionals up to a 49% ownership share in law firms is potentially detrimental;
  • How fee-splitting propositions contained in the report could allow unlicensed paraprofessionals to reap excess profits;
  • How the CPPWG’s proposed program could result in low-income Californians receiving subpar legal counsel and representation, harming California residents and legal professionals alike;
  • The report’s failure to fully account for how allowing paraprofessionals to practice consumer debt and creditor harassment could harm consumers;
  • And more!

Additionally, Attorneys Shining and Joyce will present alternative measures that would enable low and moderate-income Californians to receive high-quality legal counsel and services. 

We couldn’t be more supportive of Carolin’s accomplishments or happier to have her on our team!

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