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Car Accidents Articles

Car Accident

Car Crashes into Bus, Severely Injuring Driver in San Diego

When making a left turn, you need to make sure you are clear to do so. When you’re not clear,...
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Lack of Warning May Have Killed Driver

Drivers need adequate warning as to when they should stop and go. Without proper warning, car accidents and wrongful death...
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DUI Collision

Drunk Driver Kills Two Students

Spring Break is a time where students can relax and have some fun. Unfortunately, it’s also a time where car...
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Car Accident

Multiple Multi-Vehicle Collisions Injures Four, Kills Two

Driving on the interstate is always a hazard. It’s easy to underestimate how dangerous a negligent and reckless driver can...
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Rear End Car Accident

Five Injured in Multi-Vehicle Collision – San Francisco

One mistake on the road can have severe consequences. Take, for instance, a collision the San Francisco Gate reported, Tuesday....
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Hands Free Driving

Uber Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian

Autonomous driving seems to be the way of the future, and companies are jumping on board to make use of...
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Motorcycle Accidents Articles

Stunt Woman Joi Harris Suffers Fatal Accident on Set for Deadpool 2

Sad news struck the motorcycle community once again this week when Deadpool 2 stunt woman Joi SJ Harris was killed...
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9 Useful Tips to Consider Before You Start Riding Motorcycles

The decision to start riding a motorcycle comes at a different time for everybody. For some, they’re introduced by their...
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To Lane-Split, or Get Rear-Ended… That is the Question!

What is a rear-end motorcycle collision? Similar to a rear-end collision between two cars, a motorcycle rear-end collision is when...
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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is the smartest thing you can do, if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident....
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Useful Tips for Talking to Your Insurance Adjuster

You’ve just been in a car accident. Whether it was a bad wreck or a silly fender bender, the upcoming...
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Top 10 Tricks Car Insurance Companies Use to Mislead People

Car insurance companies are experts at making us trust them. They spend huge sums of money on targeted advertising campaigns...
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