$2 million Settlement – Auto vs Truck Accident Lawsuit

While driving to work, the plaintiff was rear-ended by an 80,000 lb big rig. Later that day, the plaintiff went to the emergency room complaining of neck and back pain.

Ever since the collision, the plaintiff has been unable to work, due to unrelenting and debilitating pain. In addition, he has required two spine surgeries, which have provided minimum relief.

Now, he is dependent on a permanently implanted pump in order to control his pain. Worst of all, the plaintiff is disabled and unable to indefinitely return to work.

Meanwhile, the defendant has refused to accept responsibility for crashing into the plaintiff. Plus, they claim the spine surgeries were unnecessary and coined the procedures the root of the victim’s injuries.

Nonetheless, the attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm noticed the defendant’s deceit and fought to ensure the plaintiff would receive a successful settlement. By taking on the plaintiff’s case, Wilshire Law Firm managed to render a record-breaking $2 million settlement for the victim – to help him with his medical bills and loss of expected income.