$1,250,000 Settlement – Auto vs. Auto

The plaintiff was driving northbound on Melrose Ave, as he was endeavoring to make a right turn on SR 76. Meanwhile the defendant was impaired, speeding and driving recklessly eastbound on SR 76 approaching Melrose Ave.

The defendant failed to stop at a red light and lost control of her vehicle, and collided with the defendant’s vehicle at a high velocity.

As a result of the collision, the plaintiff’s head, neck, and spine were abruptly jarred and jolted towards the point of impact and then propelled in the opposite direction. Within a matter of seconds, his body experienced incredible sheer forces. Unfortunately, the plaintiff was placed in an induced coma, as he sustained a traumatic brain injury, pelvic fracture, skull fracture, fractured ribs and a torn diaphragm.

Given the devastating nature of the plaintiff’s injuries and his need for lifelong rehabilitation, Wilshire Law Firm was able to successfully secure a settlement of $1.25 million for the plaintiff.