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Protecting Children from Commercial Drivers

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

In 2012 alone over 120 children were killed when they were run over by a car.  Most of the children killed were four years old or younger, in fact over 42% of non-traffic, non-crash fatalities between 1999-2003 were back-over deaths involving kids under the age of 14.

Currently, there are no federal laws pertaining to this area. In 2004 the Safe Kids, Safe Cars Act was introduced in the U.S. house of Representatives and Senate but unfortunately nothing has actually come from that act in the form of changed laws or education.

Commercial Driver Reversing Fatality

Commercial Driver Reversing Fatality

Here are a few tips to keep your children safe.

1. Know the scheduled vehicles in your neighborhood

Garbage trucks, USPS, UPS, and mass transportation buses usually have scheduled routes. Danger is created when these vehicles enter a neighborhood.

It’s important to know the times that have the most service vehicles coming in and out of of your neighborhood, and plan your children’s outdoor activities around these times.

2. Report dangerous drivers

If you see a driver maneuvering in a reckless manner, speeding, or not taking the time to back-up you should immediately report this vehicle to the company that owns the vehicle. Often times there are numbers and reference numbers on the back of these trucks to help you reach out the the right people.

3. Have a neighborhood watch

Your neighbors can be some of your biggest allies when it comes to protecting your children. Make sure that you have dialogue with your neighbors and they have a number they can quickly reach you at if they need to report a problem.

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4. Your driveway is more dangerous than you think

Since the driveway is an extension of the home, many parents and caregivers have an unrealistic sense of safety when their children play in this area. But there are many instances in which family members, friends, and neighbors have tragically backed over children playing in the driveway.

The fact is that there are a lot of potential accidents that can happen even in front of your own home. It’s important to stay vigilant and always keep your young children within eyesight.

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