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Truck Accident Attorneys for Crashes Caused by Improper Backing Up

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a trucking accident caused by a trucker driver improperly backing up, we are here to help you recover every penny of compensation the law allows. Backing Up Collisions involving big rigs and large commercial vehicles require experienced truck accident lawyers who know the law. With a strong track record of winning cases, Wilshire Law Firm collected over $1 billion for our injured clients. 
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Contact a Trucking Lawyer After a Backing Up Accident

It is essential to obtain legal representation as quickly as possible after an accident for several reasons, including:

  • Meeting deadlines, after which you will be unable to file
  • Lost evidence
  • Failure of witnesses to remember the incident as time passes

We can promptly set up a free consultation to review your case and answer any questions you might have. We have collected over $1 billion in settlements and verdicts for clients with cases involving negligence, and we will bring that same fighting spirit to your case.

Reasons Accidents Happen When Trucks Backup

Poor visibility is one of the major reasons trucks are involved in accidents when backing up. A trucker has a blind spot behind the truck that can extend for up to 70 feet. This means that a vehicle or a pedestrian in that blind spot will not be seen by the trucker.

Backing Up Crash Truck Accident Lawyer - Wilshire Law Firm

Bobtail Trucks and Deadheading 18-Wheelers Are No Excuse

Improper backing up sometimes happens whether or not cargo is involved. A bobtail truck — one without a trailer attached — may avoid some visual impairment, but the driver must still exercise reasonable care when driving. Similarly, deadheading — referring to pulling an empty trailer — might imply easier driving and stronger visual capabilities, but when drivers let their guards down, accidents occur.

Precautionary Steps to Avoid an Accident

There are precautions a truck driver can take to avoid an accident. One is flashing lights that turn on when the driver puts the truck in reverse. The other is an audible beeping sound that lets other vehicles and individuals know the truck is going in reverse.

If both features are not in working order, the warnings are eliminated. A truck driver should check to ensure the components are working before leaving the truck. Not adding this to a precheck safety list can result in accidents and injuries due to negligence.

Blocking Lanes and Using Sidewalks to Backup

Sometimes, truckers will use several lanes in the roadway to back up. Occasionally, the truck might also back up onto the sidewalk in a residential or city thoroughfare. Both of these maneuvers are dangerous and have resulted in severe injuries to pedestrians and motorists.

Finding a Truck Accident Law Firm Who Will Sue for Improper Backing Up Crashes

If you are injured by a truck while it is backing up, call Wilshire Law Firm. Our attorneys will use police records, witness accounts and medical records to assess negligence and the financial harm it caused. We will file your claim and help you get the necessary compensation to pay your bills and have the peace of mind you need while recovering.

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