Recovering from Accident Trauma

Accidents don’t just leave victims with physical injuries, but they can also inflict psychological wounds. Unfortunately, people often discount psychological trauma as less “real” than physical trauma, when that is far from the truth. Just like any other wound, emotional distress and mental anguish must be healed as part of the recovery process. If not […]

The Survival Guide for New Cyclists

There’s nothing quite like riding down the open road while taking in the sights and sounds of your surroundings and feeling the wind whip around you – and getting some exercise to boot! Many people enjoy cycling not only for its practical benefits, such as reduced spending on gas, but also for its recreational value. […]

15 Essential Motorcycle Tips for Beginners

Motorcycles are not only fuel efficient, but they’re also a blast to ride. Ask any motorcyclist what it’s like to rev down a scenic freeway, and they’ll tell you that it feels like pure freedom and bliss. The love of motorcycling is especially strong in California – there are more than 800,000 registered riders in […]

Recovering Damages in a Paralysis Lawsuit

When a person suffers complete or partial paralysis as a result of an accident, it’s not enough for the at-fault party to simply say, “Sorry.” There are no words that can make up for the loss of control of one’s own body, the loss of the ability to perform everyday tasks, the loss of financial […]

Los Angeles Critical Mass Rider Tips

Tonight, Los Angeles Critical Mass, the largest community bicycle ride group in the United States, will be riding from Wilshire Blvd and Western Ave to Sunset Blvd and Western Ave – a distance of approximately 30 miles. Riders of all ages and skill levels are welcome to join and the event is absolutely free (Critical […]

Do I Need Grief Counseling?

When someone close to us dies, it can feel as if the world has fallen apart. We fall into denial, depression, grief, and despair. This is perfectly natural. Although all of us are aware of death as a concept, none of us are truly prepared for it. And when a loved one passes away, it […]

Best Bike Trails in Orange County

Whether you’re a beginner bicyclist in need of an easy yet fun route, or a veteran rider looking for a hardcore workout, Orange County has something for you. These trails, which range from amateur to expert level, offer fitness challenges for any cyclist, and gorgeous natural scenery to boot! Take advantage of the perfect SoCal […]

Trucks Are Killing Us – And Congress Is Turning a Blind Eye

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the death toll in truck accidents rose 17 percent from 2009 to 2013. During 2013 alone, there were 3,964 people killed in fatal truck accidents, including 586 truck occupants. The numbers are indisputable: trucks are killing more and more of us each year – passenger vehicle […]

What Defines a Great Personal Injury Lawyer?

With more than 225,000 members, The State Bar of California is the largest state bar in the country. That’s a lot of lawyers, to say the least. Many of them practice as plaintiff’s lawyers in the field of personal injury law – they act as advocates of injury victims. Perhaps you’re reading this blog because […]

Which Bike Is Right for Me?

So you’ve decided to get a bike. Maybe it’s because you want to use it to commute to work and run errands while saving gas money in the process. Or perhaps you want to get some exercise and whip your body into shape while exploring the various trails in the vicinity. The reason could be […]