Technologies that Help Keep Pedestrians Safer

These Systems Help Prevent Pedestrian Accidents and Save Lives Pedestrian accident lawyers proved time and again that most pedestrian accidents are the drivers’ fault. Today, car manufacturers are bent on developing driverless cars. These cars will run on a computer program and will have many cameras and sensors to help the computer program process the […]

How Social Media Can Impact Your Wrongful Death Claim

WLF Wrongful Death Lawyers Suggests These days, people post everything they do on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While it is fun to share photos, activities, plans, ideas and thoughts with real and online friends, you may not have given due consideration to the fact that they can land you in big […]

Teaching Kids to Walk Safely

Advice from Our Caring Pedestrian Accident Lawyers According to studies, the fifth leading cause of death and injury to children ages 5-19 is pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accident lawyers unfortunately encounter these cases too often. Children begin walking while their parents hold their hands. As they grow older, they no longer need this support compared to […]

California Wrongful Death Discovery Rule

WLF Wrongful Death Attorneys Explain Every civil lawsuit has a statute of limitations. This is the time period within which a personal injury claim or lawsuit must be filed. The time period generally begins with the date the injury or death occurred and lasts until a specified date. In California, the statute of limitations for […]

Road Rage Against Motorcyclists Almost Ended in Fatal Crash

Fox 11 recently released a video report in which three motorcyclists were harassed, threatened and attacked by the driver of a Honda car on Highway 10 in Ontario, California. The incident was recorded on the portable camera of one of the motorcyclists, which was attached to his protective helmet. Robert Rojas, who witnessed the accident, […]

What Is a Diminished Value Claim?

Vehicle Resale Value Drops After a Car Accident Once you crash your car, its resale value automatically diminishes. Regardless of how well you have repaired it, how good it looks and how well it runs, it will still be worth less than it was before the accident. Potential buyers will not be willing the pay […]

Cycling in the Winter: Dealing with Gravel, Grit, Puddles and Ice

Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers Provide Valuable Cycling Advice Bicycling in winter can be challenging due to near or sub-zero temperature, snow, ice, fog, mud and puddles. The road are often slippery and wet and sometimes covered with fog. To make matters worse, rainwater often washes up gravel, flints, broken glasses, and grit and grime to […]