How Insurance Companies Deal with Intentional Acts vs. Illegal Acts

What is an intentional act? An intentional act is when someone “consciously desires” the probable result of an action they commit. A person who acts intentionally is “substantially certain” that their actions will result in the desired outcome. In liability law, when an intentional act is potentially illegal, they’re also referred to as intentional torts. […]

Car Accident Property Damage in Personal Injury Cases

In most accidents, on top of personal injuries, property damage is involved. It’s an unfortunate addition to your long list of problems in the aftermath of a car accident, but, if you retain an experienced property damage and personal injury lawyer, you may be entitled to compensation. The best part? It’s free to start. Learn […]

What is the Rideshare $1 Million Insurance Policy?

Uber and Lyft, each, provide their drivers with near-identical insurance coverage. If you’re an Uber or Lyft driver, you should be aware of the $1 million insurance policy offered to drivers, as well as other policies. It’s important to know which coverage applies if you’re ever in an accident. In fact, there are four different […]

Drunk Driving Laws and Statistics

In the U.S., according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), 28 people die in alcohol-impaired car crashes every day. In 2015, over 10,000 people were killed in alcohol-related accidents, accounting for nearly one-third of all U.S. traffic deaths. With one U.S. death every 51 minutes, the annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than […]

How Much Is Your Case Worth?

If you are in the process or filing a personal injury lawsuit, it is perfectly natural to wonder how much compensation you are entitled to. And while this is not an easy question to answer, there are ways to predict a potential settlement or case resolution. The answer will always rely on what are known […]

Medical Records Can Make or Break Your Case

Nothing is worse than getting injured in an accident. The results of accidents stemming from negligence can vary, but usually cause major damages, such as: Property loss or damage Physical, mental, and/or psychological injuries Loss of life (wrongful death) Whatever your injuries are, be them severe or benign, if you intend to recover compensation, it’s […]