Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Most Often Occur in San Jose?


Though surrounded by Silicon Valley’s incredible science and technology, San Jose isn’t immune to the dangers of pedestrian accidents. 

Whether in its bustling downtown or quiet suburban streets, the risk of slips, falls, and collisions constantly threatens residents and visitors.

But where do pedestrian accidents most often occur in San Jose? And will knowing help you avoid the severe physical and financial damages resulting from these accidents?

At Wilshire Law Firm, we’ve seen what happens when a lack of awareness of the most likely accident sites leads to tragedy. 

Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys in San Jose are here to help provide information on where these accidents happen and how to protect yourself when damages result from negligence or recklessness.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents in San Jose?

Knowing what causes San Jose pedestrian accidents can give you an idea of whether or not you have a valid premise liability claim that could see you fairly compensated for pedestrian accident injuries.

In San Jose, the most common causes of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Distracted drivers: Failure to pay attention and stay focused on the road can lead to drivers failing to see pedestrians crossing the street or entering a crosswalk. The result is an impact that leaves victims with catastrophic injuries.
  • Speeding: Driving faster than the posted speed limit doesn’t give drivers enough time to react when they encounter pedestrians in their path. The force of impact from cars going over the speed limit significantly increases the severity of injuries, creating a life-altering financial burden.
  • Failure to yield: Whether it’s due to impatience or a lack of awareness, failure to yield is a common cause of pedestrian accidents in San Jose. No matter the driver’s reasoning, they are still potentially liable for any injuries pedestrians sustain.
  • Poorly maintained sidewalks and crosswalks: Uneven pavement, debris, or other hazards on sidewalks and crosswalks can cause pedestrians to trip or slip, resulting in injuries. Property owners are responsible for adequately maintaining these areas for the safety of those passing through.
  • Drunk driving: Unfortunately, drunk drivers continue to be a major cause of pedestrian accidents in San Jose. These individuals often have impaired judgment and reaction times, which increases their likelihood of hitting pedestrians.
  • Negligent bicyclists: Bicyclists are also expected to follow traffic laws and share the road with pedestrians. When they fail to do so, accidents can result in severe injuries for both parties involved.
  • Lack of signage: Public areas, construction sites, and other locations where pedestrians are present should have proper signage to alert passersby of potential spills, wet floors, or other hazards. When these signs are lacking, pedestrians are at risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Malfunctioning traffic signals: The city is responsible for maintaining properly functioning traffic signals and crosswalk signals. When these signals fail to work correctly, they can confuse drivers and pedestrians, leading to severe pedestrian accident injuries.

Understanding the common causes of these accidents can help you identify any potential liability or negligence that may have played a role in your specific case. 

With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can gather evidence and build a strong case to seek the compensation you deserve.

Where Do San Jose Pedestrian Accidents Occur Most?


Whether in traffic-controlled intersections throughout the city center or the smaller intersections in quiet neighborhoods, pedestrian accidents often occur at intersections in San Jose. 

While any crossing can be a dangerous one, some of the most hazardous intersections in San Jose include:

  • Santa Clara Street and Market Street
  • First Street and East Julian Street
  • Monterey Road and Alma Avenue
  • South 10th Street and East San Antonio Street
  • North 34th Street and Mckee Road
  • East St. James Street and N King Road
  • McLaughlin Avenue and Carnelian Drive

This list of intersections is far from exhaustive, with multiple other collision-prone spots covering the city’s sprawling landscape. 

Whether due to heavy traffic, poorly designed intersections, or driver negligence, pedestrians are at risk of accidents anytime they cross a street in San Jose.

Sidewalks and Crosswalks

In a city with sprawling streets and high pedestrian traffic, sidewalks and crosswalks seem like a safe haven for those on foot. 

However, these areas can also be dangerous if not correctly maintained or adhered to by both drivers and pedestrians.

For example, poorly maintained sidewalks with uneven pavement or hidden hazards can cause serious trips or falls, resulting in broken bones, head injuries, or worse.

Similarly, crosswalks are only effective when drivers yield to pedestrians as they have the right of way. When this doesn’t happen, serious accidents can occur.

These areas are especially dangerous for the visually impaired. Many crosswalks lack the tactile paving needed to alert visually impaired pedestrians of when they have safely reached the other side. 

As a result, blind individuals may unknowingly step into traffic, putting them at risk of a severe accident.

Public Transportation Stops

San Jose is home to a thriving public transportation system, including buses and light rail trains. While these modes of transportation are convenient for many pedestrians, they can also pose devastating accident risks.

Pedestrians waiting at bus stops or train platforms are vulnerable to accidents caused by negligent drivers or poorly maintained facilities. This includes hazards such as broken benches or slick surfaces that can lead to falls and injuries.

Additionally, pedestrians boarding or exiting buses and trains must be cautious of oncoming traffic and other potential hazards. Distracted, negligent, or intoxicated drivers can easily hit them, causing untold damages and sky-high medical bills.

Parking Lots

Parking lots may not seem like a high-risk area for pedestrian accidents, but they can actually be quite dangerous. With cars constantly entering and exiting, pedestrians risk being hit by distracted or reckless drivers.

In addition, poorly designed parking lots can create hazards for pedestrians. These include limited visibility, narrow walkways, and inadequate lighting that can increase the likelihood of accidents. 

The most common types of pedestrian accidents that occur in parking lots include:

  • Backover accidents, where a vehicle reverses into a pedestrian
  • Door accidents, where a driver opens their door without checking for pedestrians
  • Turning accidents, where drivers fail to yield when turning into or out of a spot

Regardless of the speed at which these accidents occur, the heavy weight and force of a vehicle can result in severe injuries for pedestrians. Contacting a personal injury law firm if you are involved in a parking lot accident is imperative.

Parks, Local Businesses, and Residential Areas

San Jose is known for its beautiful parks, bustling businesses, and vibrant residential neighborhoods. 

While these areas may seem safe for pedestrians, they can also be the site of accidents due to negligent property maintenance or inadequate safety measures.

In San Jose, the most common public places for these accidents include:

  • Municipal Rose Garden
  • Lake Cunningham Skate Park
  • Guadalupe River Trail
  • Santana Row Shopping Center
  • Downtown San Jose Farmer’s Market

As a pedestrian, it is vital to stay aware of your surroundings and be vigilant for potential hazards in these areas.

If you are injured due to unsafe conditions on public property, you may have grounds for a premises liability claim with the help of an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer.

How Much Is a Pedestrian Accident Case Worth?

Generally, the following economic and non-economic damages are taken into consideration when determining the value of a pedestrian accident case:

  • Medical expenses, including current and future treatment costs
  • Lost wages due to time off work for recovery
  • Loss of earning capacity if the injuries result in long-term or permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering, including physical and emotional distress, caused by the accident

Many of these damages can exceed $1 million in upfront and lifetime costs, especially when blunt force head trauma, spinal cord damage, or amputation is involved. 

That number can be higher if the case involves wrongful death, as the family is eligible to recover for loss of consortium (i.e., affection, love, companionship).

Do I Need a San Jose Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

A lawyer shaking hand with the client at his office.

You want to hire a San Jose Pedestrian accident lawyer to recover maximum compensation for injuries. 

They have the experience and knowledge to investigate the accident, gather evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

In many cases, insurance companies will offer a low settlement amount to minimize their costs. However, an experienced lawyer can accurately assess the value of your case and fight for fair compensation that covers all damages incurred.

Furthermore, insurance companies make navigating the legal processes overwhelming and confusing for someone who is already recovering from injuries. 

A pedestrian accident lawyer can handle these tasks while you focus on your recovery.

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident in San Jose?

No matter what caused the accident or where it occurred, you have a better chance of recovering maximum compensation for injuries when you:

  • Call the police: You want police reports in personal injury cases, as they provide documentation of the accident and any injuries sustained. By failing to call the police, you risk losing valuable evidence for your case and potential denial of your injury claim.
  • Avoid making claims or assuming fault: It is essential to avoid making any statements or accepting fault at the accident scene. Insurance companies will use these statements against you and damage your ability to recover compensation.
  • Seek further medical attention: The more well-documented the injuries are, the stronger your case will be. Failure to seek further medical attention could deny you vital compensation needed for delayed injuries, diminished earning potential, or pain and suffering.
  • Contact a pedestrian accident attorney in San Jose: The tight filing deadlines for pedestrian accident cases mean there is no time to waste seeking comprehensive and compassionate legal support. With a lawyer beginning the filing process immediately after an accident, you have a better chance of recovering compensation that will help you get back on your feet.

These steps are crucial in ensuring a strong case for maximum compensation. By following them, you take proactive measures to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your pedestrian accident claim.

Injured Where Pedestrian Accidents Most Occur in San Jose? Fight for Your Right To Compensation With Wilshire Law Firm.

Whether it’s where they most occur or even in places you’d least expect, pedestrian accidents are unfortunately common in San Jose. 

It is important to remember that you have rights as a pedestrian and deserve to be fairly compensated for any injuries sustained due to negligence.

At Wilshire Law Firm, our San Jose personal injury lawyers understand the complexities of pedestrian accident cases and their impact on victims’ lives. 

Our experienced attorneys will fight tirelessly for your rights and work towards securing the maximum compensation possible for your case.

Don’t let negligent drivers or property owners get away with causing harm. 

Contact Wilshire Law Firm today for y free consultation in English or Spanish.

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