Cheyne Jackson

Cheyne M. Jackson

Chief Growth Officer

Cheyne M. Jackson is the Chief Growth Officer at Wilshire Law Firm who is committed to developing and executing the firm’s vision and marketing strategy while driving business development initiatives. With over fourteen years of executive management and marketing experience, Cheyne brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Wilshire Law Firm as he seeks to increase the presence and success of the Firm, while pursuing long-term growth.   

With a strong background in C-suite, operations, branding, and analytics, Cheyne’s technical marketing acumen enables him to make holistic decisions across multiple formats and environments. He has a proven track record of delivering financial results through strategic analytical data-driven decisions, producing top-line growth. Cheyne plays a critical role in helping Wilshire Law Firm attract new clients, retain existing clients, and continue to build upon its superlative reputation within the legal industry.   

“Advance always, in all ways.”  

Cheyne places significant importance on inclusion, new and underrepresented voices, and opportunity. Leading with a steadfast commitment to excellence, he fosters an environment of expectation, pursuit, and pace. Within this dedication, he also emphasizes organizational loyalty and focuses on team health and well-being. Cheyne believes that the most effective place for growth and correction is always in the truth, and he leads by example, preferring to be hands-on in his current role. Cheyne publicly acknowledges successes while addressing areas of improvement privately.    

Cheyne earned his B.A. in Business Administration from New York University. He  has achieved Six Sigma Green Belt certification, being trained in a data-driven methodology that seeks to improve operations at a macro and micro level. Away from the job, Cheyne and his wife are avid travelers and have visited over ninety countries to date. He also enjoys upland sport.