Mariana Portillo Redd

Mariana Redd

Chief Financial Officer

Mariana Redd is a highly accomplished professional who has made a significant impact as the Chief Financial Officer of a prestigious company. With 19 years of experience in the finance, and the personal injury (PI) industry, and an impressive educational background from Cal State University, Northridge, Mariana has acquired a comprehensive understanding of finance and has honed her skills to excel in her role. Her dedication to teamwork has become the cornerstone of her work philosophy, recognizing that the collective strength of each team member is the key to achieving success. 

Mariana firmly believes in creating an environment that values collaboration and fosters shared growth. She understands that by acknowledging and embracing the unique perspectives of individuals, a team can unlock its full potential. Mariana’s leadership style cultivates resilience and adaptability within her team, recognizing that challenges are not merely obstacles but opportunities for personal and professional growth. Her ability to inspire and motivate her colleagues has resulted in a cohesive and high-performing team. 

Beyond the realm of finance, Mariana has a deep appreciation for the natural world. She finds solace and rejuvenation in exploring National Parks, immersing herself in the beauty of nature. Whether it’s setting up camp, casting a line while fishing, or simply taking in the breathtaking scenery, Mariana finds a sense of peace and tranquility in these outdoor activities. Additionally, she has recently discovered a new passion for traveling to beaches and islands, where she can unwind and recharge. 

Mariana Redd’s commitment to excellence, strong work ethic, and passion for both her career and personal pursuits make her a truly remarkable professional. As the Chief Financial Officer, she plays a pivotal role in leading her team towards success, driving financial growth, and contributing to the overall prosperity of her organization. Mariana’s ability to combine her expertise in finance with her appreciation for teamwork and the natural world sets her apart as a dynamic and inspiring leader.