Adam Sherman, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Adam J. Sherman, an esteemed Associate Attorney specializing in Employment Law, stands at the intersection of dedication and legal prowess with six years of experience. He lives by a professional philosophy rooted in integrity, truth, and focus, using the power of the justice system to protect the rights of individuals against corporations. For Adam, operating within the justice system is a method of service to society. He is an active member of CELA (California Employment Lawyers Association) and CAALA (Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles), reflecting his commitment to professional affiliations and industry memberships. 

Before entering the legal realm, Adam served as an active duty Sergeant in the United States Army, leaving an indelible mark in Military Intelligence, particularly supporting operations for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. A distinguished staff officer and advisor, he started martial arts and hand-to-hand combat training programs, illustrating his knack for leadership. 

In the realm of Employment Law, Adam thrives on ensuring justice for the individual. His accomplishments, including winning a constructive wrongful termination lawsuit against a major corporation at arbitration for half a million dollars and settling 3 sexual harassment suits for nearly a half a million each, underscore his dedication to this cause. He’s more than an attorney; he’s a beacon of hope, a force for justice, and an outspoken advocate for positive change in society. 

He excelled in numerous legal pursuits, from externships with Associate Justice John Segal and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office—specifically the Victim Impact Program and the Major Crimes Division—to achieving distinctions in moot court and trial competitions, earning accolades and contributing to the Veteran Legal Society. 

“The person saying something is impossible should never interrupt the person trying to do it.” 

His commitment to the legal world extends to community service, where he imparts his knowledge to aspiring legal minds. 

Beyond his legal pursuits, he finds solace in spending cherished moments with family, immersing himself in sports like basketball, and enjoying outdoor activities. Adam also dedicates his time to martial arts, reading, and delving into the depths of a good book, bringing the same dedication to his passions outside the courtroom. 

Adam’s journey, marked by dedication, paints a compelling picture of a professional committed to justice and making a positive difference. His story is one of triumph and dedication, inviting readers to delve further into the depths of his impactful journey in law and advocacy.