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Aram Boyadjian, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Aram Boyadjian, Esq. is an Associate Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm who specializes in wage and hour class action cases, Private Attorneys General Act claims, and litigation. Licensed in 2021, Aram has already assisted in litigating dozens of complex class action matters on behalf of clients. Aram displays a high level of attention to detail in all the employment law cases that he works and ensures justice for all those he represents.  

In his current role, Aram provides exceptional legal representation and works to secure the best possible outcomes for his clients. As an expert in Private Attorneys General Act claims (PAGA), Mr. Boyadjian works diligently to enforce labor laws to protect employee rights. He seeks to be the voice for employees who have been taken advantage of by their employers, and he understand the complexities present in this type of litigation. Above all, Aram values the attorney-client relationship as he completes this work on behalf of those needing fair and equal representation. As a sharp learner, Aram works directly with the team at Wilshire Law Firm, and he has demonstrated a unique ability to problem solve on complex employment law cases.  

“My favorite part about being an attorney is making sure the clients I represent receive the justice they deserve.” 

Aram earned his Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School, an educational facility that instills civic duty in all graduates. Aram practices this in his work by always acting in ways that benefit the greater good. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Los Angeles, so he firmly believes in the importance of giving back to his surrounding community. Outside of law, Aram is musically gifted as well playing guitar and writing his own music.