Daniel Kramer
  • Employment Law
  • Private Attorney General Act (PAGA)
  • Class Action
  • Wage & Hour

Daniel J. Kramer, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Daniel J. Kramer, Esq. is an Associate Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm representing clients in the areas of employment law, wage and hour class actions, and Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) claims. Daniel is a fierce advocate for wronged and mistreated employees, and he fights on their behalf to ensure that they receive their entitled highest financial compensation. Placing significant importance on hearing each individual client’s story, Mr. Kramer works diligently with his clients to establish a close attorney-client relationship so that he can fully understand each client’s specific needs and fight for justice for them.  

With six years of experience as a practicing attorney, Daniel has managed and litigated hundreds of class and PAGA actions that have led to seven-figure settlements for clients and thousands of California class members. Proud to represent California workers, Daniel has made it his mission to fight against the injustices that many employees face at the hands of their employers. 

“I believe each client has a story to tell, and it is my duty as an advocate to make their story heard by vigorously litigating their case to provide the best possible outcome for them and all California workers.” 

Earning his Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School, Daniel is heavily connected locally in Los Angeles as he protects workers’ rights and seeks to recover unpaid wages from employers who have violated California labor laws. He also holds court admissions to practice law in the Northern, Central, and Eastern Districts in California.