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Jeffrey Bils, Esq.

Senior Attorney

Jeffrey Bils, Esq. is an accomplished Senior Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm who has practiced law for over nine years while fiercely advocating for his clients. Jeffrey represents clients in the legal areas of employment class and representative actions, as well as employment single-plaintiff actions. Jeffrey brings diligence and integrity to his practice to ensure that his clients receive the justice that they deserve. Jeffrey’s successful approach to law is seen in his triumphant victories including a victory in one of his first class actions on behalf of plaintiffs where he helped three named class members from the intake process all the way through an agreement to settle for $1.5 million. Jeffrey got to know these three clients, earned their trust, and paved the way for a favorable outcome, and for Jeffrey, this experience highlighted the importance of giving a voice to employees whose workplace concerns and complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Jeffrey takes great pride in being the voice for these employees while working to secure the financial compensation that they deserve.

“Each person we represent is uniquely important. Each and every one deserves our full attention and best efforts. By first listening, then giving voice to those who may have felt voiceless before, we have the privilege of being able to make a positive difference in people’s lives.” 

Earlier in his life, Jeffrey worked as a newspaper journalist, and many sources that he used in this work were from attorneys in a wide range of fields: business, courts, politics, and community affairs. The integrity and commitment to their work that these attorneys displayed, in part, inspired Jeffrey to pursue law as his own career. His father was also an attorney, so he had familial ties to the profession as well. Jeffrey obtained his Juris Doctor from The University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, and he is an esteemed member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA), where he serves as a current member of the Board of Governors and is a past Chair of the Labor & Employment Law Section Executive Committee. Additionally, he is also a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA).  

When not advocating on behalf of his clients, Jeffrey enjoys spending time with family, traveling, writing, and practicing meditation techniques.