Jesenia Martinez
  • Civil Litigation
  • Consumer Class Action

Jesenia Martinez, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Jesenia Martinez, Esq. is an Associate Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm whose legal specialization is in civil litigation and consumer class action lawsuits. With over five years of experience practicing law, Jesenia is a passionate advocate for her clients. She has demonstrated a unique ability to find successful ways to argue on behalf of her clients’ rights, and her method is proven.  

Previously, Jesenia successfully opposed a partial summary judgement in Nevada state court in a products liability case where the plaintiff suffered permanent and severe injuries due to a UTV rollover. The defendant, the lessor of the UTV, moved for partial summary judgement on the issue that Nevada has not recognized strict products liability against lessors. Jesenia’s ingenuity and understanding of the law allowed her to argue the motion, and her diligent work led to the plaintiff receiving a substantial settlement that he would not have received if not for Jesenia’s work. Placing significant emphasis on establishing trust in the attorney-client, relationship, Jesenia works hard to build a close relationship with those who she represents as she seeks maximum financial compensation on behalf of her clients. In her legal career, Jesenia also has experience working in personal injury, employment discrimination, and wage and hour cases.  

“It is a great privilege to advocate for our clients who have been wronged. Trust is essential to working as a team with our clients to achieve justice.” 

After earning her Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School, Jesenia went on to complete multiple externships. She worked closely with Hon. Kim McLane Wardlaw at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and with Hon. Dean D. Pregerson at the United States District Court for the Central District.