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Jesse Chen, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Jesse Chen, Esq. is an Associate Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm who is an expert in the legal areas of data privacy litigation and class action consumer litigation. A staunch defender for consumer rights, Jesse seeks to hold corporations accountable when private personal information is leaked due to carelessness and oversight. Jesse’s patience and attention to detail in the work he completes helps him to successfully represent his clients and fight on their behalf to secure deserved compensation.  

With two years of experience as a legal representative, Jesse already has an impressive record of success. He has worked to assist in securing a $14 million data privacy settlement against Bank of Hope, among numerous other noteworthy victories. Unafraid of taking on giant, powerful corporations, Jesse fights feels many corporations do not put in the proper amount of diligence or care owed to their customers, so he advocates on their behalf. Always putting forth the highest quality work and research into the cases he works on, Jesse is a results-oriented attorney whose strategic approach is proven. He combines intense preparation with his adept knowledge in his area of law in order to successfully support his clients in working toward their desired goals.  

“At the end of the day, the justice system is just the clashing of differing interests. My job is to make sure that your interests are given the same due consideration as anyone else’s.” 

Jesse earned his Juris Doctor from the elite law school The University of Southern California Gould School of Law. His excellence in education has also translated into superlative results in his work. Additionally, Jesse is experienced in immigration law, particularly EB-5 immigration and real estate transactions. When not advocating for consumer rights, he enjoys traveling and aquascaping, a hobby that takes creativity and patience, two virtues he also displays in his legal practice.